Day by day

It's been a while since my last post...! My school starts already, and I was chosen to be part of school cabinets in my school, I was chosen as a prefect of lincoln house in my school. There are 4 houses in my school, lincon, tolstoy, kartini and tagore. Each houses, has its own members, vice captain, prefects, secretary, etc. I was shocked, nervous and a bit happy. This means that I will have many tasks to do, and I have to join & help during school's activities, and of course, skip classes *yeay* this week will be a busy week for me, as my mid-term will start next week. My school is a bit crazy, it has only been 2 weeks of school, and my mid-term tests will start next week..sigh. So, I'm sorry for my lack of posts, and don't worry, once I'm free, I promise, I will definitely reply your comments :) 

Anyway, here are some outfit pictures that I manage to took a couple of weeks ago :)

tank top: topshop // outer blazer: bread & butter // shorts: mango // flats: little thing she needs // bag: louis vuitton // necklace: f21

 LOVE this tribal flats that I got from the little thing she needs!


Vote please!

Please vote for my friend, Prithvi! So that he could win the wildcard and be part of the Allianz Junior Football Camp 2012

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It means a lot! THANK YOU! 


That's Just the Way We Roll

Yesterday was my friend's birthday, Cindy. She turned 16, and she celebrate her birthday at Pizza Marzano, which was located at Grand Indonesia. She's so tall and pretty! I wish her all the best! 
I miss hanging out with my friends <3

Anyway, this month is all about school and birthdays. Tomorrow is my other friend's birthday again, and this Monday is time for me to come back to school. haha! More pictures coming soon ;)

the back of my tiger top, hmm, too much for my age? I decided to wear my black blazer to cover this up, because I'm afraid my mom would scold me when she sees the back of my tiger top! :/
tiger top: from taiwan // blazer: guess // pants: guess // heels: steve madden // clutch: miss selfridge // accessories: f21

my friends told me that this outfit makes me look like a rock-star. All I need is an electric guitar to make me even look like a 'rock-star' hahaha
My cousin, Jennifer just came back from Taiwan a week ago, and she bought me this super awesome tiger top. love it so much!

 me with the birthday girl! She's the one who told me to look like that. haha. She said 'let's take an ugly picture!' 

After we ate lunch, we girls decided to go to karaoke. :) 
 cool disco light! lol :P

some food pictures :)

Today I don't have anything to do, so I will reply all of your comments from my previous posts! ;)

By the way, Thank you so much Jiglycious for the award! She's so nice :)
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“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” 
― Dr. Seuss

the colour of the dress is like a mix of brown and grey..I can't describe it :/
dress: eveve // clutch: from singapore // shoes: fioni // necklace: phoebe & chloe // hair accessories: h&m

with my sister, cathy, visit her blog -> petiteness

my hair look so messy here :/ oh, and that is my dad's painting. <3

those pictures were taken during ci Diana's sweet 17 party. She looked so gorgeous and her body is so perfect! She look a bit like Miss A's Suzy to me ;;) At the party, I met Fiona, an old friend of mine, and also met Mitha from letters to juliet, too bad I forgot to take picture with her. Anyway, it was an awesome night! :)

I should actually post this weeks ago, but I forgot..so.. yeah, better late than never!
see you on my next post ;)