Black all over me

" If you mix all the beautiful colours in the world, you get Black " - annonymous

a simple complication, miscommunications lead to a fallout. And I don't know what to say since it is a twist of fate, when it all broke down.

"I'm starting to think one day I'll tell the story of us
How I was losing my mind when I saw you for the first time
I saw you with someone else the first time I saw you
But look at us now,
I still cant believe we're together
I kept saying I was dreaming
But now we're far apart..and I miss you so badly
I'd tell you I miss you but I don't know how
Dont you know its killing me so badly?
I  wonder if its killing you too..
And it seems that I can't live a day without you"
- A mix of Taylor swift's song, 'The story of us' and me. : )

(unlabel dress, mom's jacket, guess's purse, mphosis's flatshoes,random acsesories)

Jingle all the way

Christmas is coming near! Cant wait for the next 5 days.
2010 passed so fast, dont you all agree?
time passed so fast as we enjoyed it.
Everybody is enjoying their holiday while me, stayed home, watching tv,sleeping and eat all day. Thats my everyday's routine. Definitely gonna gain weight this month B)
The best thing about christmas to me, is that we decorate a christmas tree, but sadly I dont have a christmas tree. Pfffft. I do have one, but it is so small (size about the height of a child). I really wish my parent will gave me christmas's present. Who doesnt want a present? : D
Okay, lets now stop talking about my boring holiday. Tell me about yours! Did you guys enjoy your holiday? Going somewhere? : )


Hello December

Terribly sorry for not updating my blog for so long..I've been lazy and busy..especially in school. I've just finished my half-yearly exams. I was so relief I dont have to face s-c-h-o-o-l again! I really hope I get good marks on my report card :) Anywaym, happy long weekend everyone! Christmas is coming near! I can't believe this year passed so fast..Don;t you all agree?

(loose shirt from kr,mom's legging,hat bought in bk,accesories from phoebe&chloe,prada bag)
 love-this. I bought this from phoebe & chloe.

Recently, I have been searching my childhood photos. I found it was funny :P
And you would'nt believe it was me:

Guess which one is me?
I laughed so hard seeing this pictures!
Will post more photos tomorrow <3
(November's photos)