Last day of 2011

 mango tank top // zara shorts // ebase blazer // charles and keith heels // louis vuitton bag // necklace from bangkok
 Its my first time wearing this blazer. I bought this blazer a long time ago from ebase. I love the design and colour :)

 I found this bag from my mom's closet. I fell in love with this bag ever since<3 My dad said  that my mom bought the bag about 10 years ago. And my mom never wear it. So, it belongs to me now ;;)

 purchased this necklace 2 days ago from f21. :)

Today, is the last day of 2011. I have to say that 2011 was a tough year for me, as my day was up and down everyday..My marks decreased, I gained weight, I fight a lot with my sister and many more. But what I like about 2011 is, I became friends with so many people that I thought I would never be friend with. I think Im gonna spend my new year's eve barberque-ing with my cousins..Anyway, I really hope 2012 will be a good year for me. I have some new year's resolution, but the most important from my new year's resolution list is, I have to study really hard as Im gonna face boards examination in a couple of months, and I have to get good marks!! :( My other new year resolutions include losing some weight, be more mature,be more patience, and spend more time with my lovelies. I will also improve my grammar, and be a better blogger!! So, keep supporting me alright :) oh, and also, I will reply all of your sweet comments and follow back each one of you really soon<3

Thank you so much to those who had support me from the start, my besties, my readers and of course, my family. love you guys. xx
Happy early new year!!
I hope 2012 will be an amazing year to everyone! :)

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My Christmas Island

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Sorry for my late greeting. I just got back from an island yesterday. I think the name of the island is Sekati island.I spend my christmas with my family in an island for the first time. And it was amazing. I love the island so much! I feel like I dont want to go home. Although the island is small, but there are so many things in there. They even have billiard and a place of karaoke-ing. Can't you imagine that? I thought an island is just a small place where there is no signal, and we could only sleep and eat...Well I guess Im wrong..The only thing that is missing from that place is an internet connection. :P The island is actually my dad's best friend's. He allowed us to visit the island and stayed there, since my dad also bought a small house in the island :)

We went to the island on 24th December at night around 10.30pm, with a yacht from pantai mutiara. I went seasick in the middle of the journey..The yacht was nice. There are small toilet and a room inside the yacht. We arrived at proximately 12.30am. My dad said that it would took 2 hours to reach the island at night, while in the morning, it would only took about 1 to 1.30 hours. It was around 1am when we arrived. It was so dark..the sea looks so scary like in horror movies! We were all so tired and hungry, so we decided to eat then went to sleep. But the weird part is that all of us could not sleep..And so together we went for a walk. My dad has been in the island for a couple of times, so he pretty much knew the island. He lead us to the beach. At the beach, we searched for snails and sea-shells and other stuffs. It was so fun. :D

this picture make me laugh ;p
I wrote my blog's name on the sand, while my dad wrote mom's name and my brother wrote 'I hate all human' lol;p

The next morning, me, my sister and brother were still sleeping. My parents woke us up, and insist us to went for a swim. At first, I dont want to, but then my dad said that the water is clean. I didn;t believe of what he said until then I saw the sea water...he's right, its clean. Then I decided to went for a swim. There are many water rides that we could play. I never like to play water when I went to a beach, but this time, I play with water a lot. You could see the water in the pictures of this post. I bet you would agree with me about the 'clean water'. :)

the people in the island told us to not go outside the rocks. As they say it was too deep and dangerous. My dad teased me and my mom. He purposely paddle outside the rock D: my mom could not swim, she freaked out. My dad laughed and then paddle back to the beach :p

I only brought 1 shirt and pants. I packed my clothes only in 10 minutes. I dont have the time to look for my red or green clothes :(

 This is just an act. I dont even know how to play billiard :p
As I said before, there are a karaoke place in the island. My mom make a list of all westlife's songs and played it all. We could hear the music everywhere in the island! Even when I was playing at the beach, I could hear the song :P The island is just like my private house! There were only my family and some servants in the island. :)

mom and dad :)

 zara top // mango short pants // mango bag // burberry sandals

 look at my dad. xD

Such a windy weather! my bang kept falling infront of my face..

 too bad my brother was not there. He was watching cartoons in the house :/

 The island.
 If you guys are wondering what was under me, well..it was a baby-shark cage. The people feed them with rice and sometimes meat. :S

me with my awesome dad :)

To be honest, I prefer this trip more than my trip to hongkong. I just love this island..:D Its just the best family time ever! my parents and I wanted to stay for another night but too bad my sister and brother dont want to..(they are internet-freak) They could not live without internet *sigh*
We also visited other island, which was 5 times bigger than sekati island..but its still under construction. Will show the pictures soon. :)
Oh well, maybe next time I would go to this place again with my friends! It would be fun! :)
We took a lot of pictures in just 2 days! Actually, I wanted to show more pictures, but this post gonna be so long..and full of pictures. So, other pictures I will show you on my next post!

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My first giveaway

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Forever and always

Yesterday was mothers day, and so, me with my sister and brother decided to buy a bouquet of flowers
to our mom. This should be a surprise thing. So, we decided to give the flower at night. Around 9pm, me with my brother gave the bouquet to our mom (my sister is having sleepover with her friends so she couldnt join us) and guess what, it was a success! She was surprise, and she likes it a lot! yeay! My mom has been in a very bad mood lately, I hope this flowers could make her mood change.. :) :) Last year, I gave her a booklet of photos and words written in papers and a rose. But this year, I have her a bouquet of flowers of lily and roses. Glad that she likes it :) My mom is like the best mom to me. She understand me a lot. I told her almost everything, even my love-life, school, friends, and many more. When I had a problem, I would immediately tell her, and ask for suggestion/solution. But of course she often yelled at me for things that I did wrong. But I guess that is every mom's job to do that. Thank you for everything that you've done to me, mom. From the bottom of my heart, I love you mom :)
My mom was about to shed a tear as soon as she read the letter :')
she then hugged us :)
 so pretty!

and here are some of my outfit post : )

 I really love all of kate spade's bags! They are so cute and most of the bag are colourful. And this is one of my favourite bag from kate spade <3

marks and spencer inner // zara crop tee // levis jeans // kate spade bag // nine west pumps // warehouse belt
"Time is precious. Spend it with your love ones, cherish every momment with them, and be happy. As we could not go back in time.."
I watched mission impossible 4 last week. It turns out to be one of my favourite movie! Tom cruise was so handsome in the movie! I recommend you guys to watch mission impossible 4! :D I just watch spy kids today. It was so funny! The talking dog and the spy baby are so cute :3 Happy feet 2, arthur christmas and chipmunks shipwrecked left to watch! :D

another painting by my dad!
sneak peek for my 1st giveaway :)