the girl

Name: Ivy Sie
Age: 15 year old
Date of Birth: 20 Aug 1996
Love: Fashion, green tea, pink , white , black, japan , k-pops & k-dramas
 Inspiration: Matsumoto Ena, Kumiko Funayama, Alexa Chung, Taylor Swift, and fashion bloggers around the world!

I started blogging since 2010, and stopped for a while due to laziness and other personal issues, but now I'm back, and blogging daily. My blog used to be called 'Poison Ivy', but changed into 'Shimmer and Shine', and changed again permanently into 'Enchanted Kiss.' I blogged not only about fashion, but other things too, like food, my thoughts, and many more. This blog is kinda like a diary to me..Oh, and I describe my style as mood-based, colorful and fun! :)

I used to hate fashion when I'm in sixth grade, because I think that I will look ugly at every clothes that I wear. At that time, I always dressed up simple, like t-shirts and shorts. And then my mom would told me to change my clothes because she didn't like it, and sometimes, she even pick clothes for me which I dislike at first. But I change, after I read many fashion magazines and see many ulzzangs pictures on tumblr, I suddenly want to be like them. I start doing make-up, and dressed-up. As a result, now I love fashion more than ever, and my mom is now one of my fashion inspiration!

I like to watch korean variety shows, especially Running Man and dramas like gossip girl, pretty little liars, the vampire diaries, a gentleman's dignity, secret garden, and many more. I like dramas since I was a kid. My mom is the one who introduce me to K-dramas, and my sister is the one who introduce me to J-dramas. Thanks to them, now my life is mostly about korean and japanese stuffs. I also like to read japanese magazines like Popteen, Popsister, and ViVi and local magazines like Gogirl, Dresscode, and Sister. They provide very good tips about fashion, gossips and many other stuffs!

Shopping is my mood-booster. And, shoes never fail to cheer me up! 
I believe that fashion is not all about branded stuff, everyone can do fashion if they just be themselves and dressed up according to their style, not others! Confident is the key!

Feel free to ask me anything! Love to be friends with all of you :)

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twitter - @ivyswifty

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