Black all over me

" If you mix all the beautiful colours in the world, you get Black " - annonymous

a simple complication, miscommunications lead to a fallout. And I don't know what to say since it is a twist of fate, when it all broke down.

"I'm starting to think one day I'll tell the story of us
How I was losing my mind when I saw you for the first time
I saw you with someone else the first time I saw you
But look at us now,
I still cant believe we're together
I kept saying I was dreaming
But now we're far apart..and I miss you so badly
I'd tell you I miss you but I don't know how
Dont you know its killing me so badly?
I  wonder if its killing you too..
And it seems that I can't live a day without you"
- A mix of Taylor swift's song, 'The story of us' and me. : )

(unlabel dress, mom's jacket, guess's purse, mphosis's flatshoes,random acsesories)

Jingle all the way

Christmas is coming near! Cant wait for the next 5 days.
2010 passed so fast, dont you all agree?
time passed so fast as we enjoyed it.
Everybody is enjoying their holiday while me, stayed home, watching tv,sleeping and eat all day. Thats my everyday's routine. Definitely gonna gain weight this month B)
The best thing about christmas to me, is that we decorate a christmas tree, but sadly I dont have a christmas tree. Pfffft. I do have one, but it is so small (size about the height of a child). I really wish my parent will gave me christmas's present. Who doesnt want a present? : D
Okay, lets now stop talking about my boring holiday. Tell me about yours! Did you guys enjoy your holiday? Going somewhere? : )


Hello December

Terribly sorry for not updating my blog for so long..I've been lazy and busy..especially in school. I've just finished my half-yearly exams. I was so relief I dont have to face s-c-h-o-o-l again! I really hope I get good marks on my report card :) Anywaym, happy long weekend everyone! Christmas is coming near! I can't believe this year passed so fast..Don;t you all agree?

(loose shirt from kr,mom's legging,hat bought in bk,accesories from phoebe&chloe,prada bag)
 love-this. I bought this from phoebe & chloe.

Recently, I have been searching my childhood photos. I found it was funny :P
And you would'nt believe it was me:

Guess which one is me?
I laughed so hard seeing this pictures!
Will post more photos tomorrow <3
(November's photos)





         "If you can make a girl laugh - you can make her do anything."
- Marilyn Monroe

"I really can't deny it, I am who I am. I'm pretty normal. I'm not that smooth type of girl. I run into things, I trip, I spill food. I say stupid things... I really don't have it all together."
- Katie Holmes

I went to Maria Yolanda's 17th birthday party 2 weeks ago. She is so damn gorgeous and talented, especially in dance. Good times.
I got scold from my mom as I reached home at 11pm. My mother was so mad that she even told me that I will never ever could hang out again. But, thanks God she changed her mind the next day..

(armani exchange dress, louis vuitton bag, unisha heels, random bracelets)

By the way, I really recommend Taylot Swift new songs (Speak now, Back do December, Mean). It was really nice to listen when you're sad or lonely.
I really have to say that October is such a bad month for me, seriously. Many people hates me I dont know why. Dont just hate me/backstabbed me, tell me what did I do? Like please? Im tired I have to face it everyday. I am sorry if i bother you or anything : (

 I look so different that time.
By the way, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :*

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chocolate love

I realized that i had been a bad-blogger recently. I haven't post anything for 3 months? :/ you all probably know the reason....lazy and busy with studies, so, forgive me if i;ve been a bad blogger :*

well, my studies been great so far,no subject fail :)
thats the good news, the bad news is that i think i spend too much money for shopping.
if my mom knew about this, i would be probably dead D: and the other bad news is that my bb's trackball broke..*cries* now im using my LG Lollipop again, my LG love to HANG/TURN OFF BY ITSELF all the time. duhh.

Anyway, my birthday passed already, it is on 20 August,turned 14. And I did not post anything at all, maybe i will post it soon!
Even when holiday, i went to korea for a week but im too lazy to post, what kind of blogger i am?
from now on, I will TRY to post every week, at least 1 post :D

Today I went to Moi, watched The Legend of Guardians which is not so bad after all :)

can you imagine i got this gorgeous glitters and sticker for free? im so inlove with glitters recently!
i also bought acuvue contact lenses, im trying to not use colour-lenses from now on :3
panda cupcake yumm >w<
actually this cupcake is for my brother but he said that its too sweet so he decided to gave it to me.

on my way home, daddy call me and asked us if me and my brother want to eat dinner at gang gang sulai, I was surprised my dad asked for dinner together, he never ask before.
And the most funny part is that when we ate, my dad took a picture of us, eating. i was just like ...... then he said that, that picture that he just took is for mom, he want to prove mom that he accompany me and my brother for dinner like he promised mom! lol! my mom went to surabaya with her friends yesterday. So my mom told dad to be a DAD for a DAY and took care of us while shes gone. mm now i miss my mom:(

(mom's tanktop, papy acsessories skirt&belt, mango cardigan, fendi bag, unisha wedges, accesories from momocuppy,phoebe&chloe,stroberi)

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V a m p y

"When you can live forever, what do you live for?" - Twillight
look, some random photo that i edit yesterday. Scary eh? :P
someone even said i looked like a ghost from 'Grudge'
lol. xD

Anyway, yesterday I went to PI with my family.
Actually my mom wants to watch 'Eclipse'
but I said 'No'. And guess what, it was full after all xD
So, we went for dinner at a restaurant called 'At The Beach'
and then my dad told me to accompany him to buy some cookies at FamousAmos :)
Then, my parent had a guest yesterday, so, my mom told my sister, bro and I to go play. Basically, she doesnt want us to disturb her. :p
Did you guys know a game place at Pi? the one that looks like Funworld. O.o
well, we decided to play there until our parent finish their chit-chat with the guest. :P
So we played. About 3 hours? lol xD
it was so much fun!!! we watched 4d,3d,karaoke,play racing car,drums,basketball,etc :P

what do you think? :)

then when I reach home, i try to use eyeliner. xD
i look s c a r y >.<

thats all for now <3
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(zara dress,random accesories,mom's lv bag,random shoes)



"If I tell you I love you, can I keep you forever?" - Casper

It had been a really good day everyday this month..Well, there is one bad luck that happened to me last week..:(
uhmm, my LG Lollipop was kinda error..can't receive any message..damn  :(
So now im using my mom's nokia phone..T~T
Have you guys watch Eclipse? I bet you guys watched it already. I watch it twice xD. lol, Well, to say the truth, im kinda dissapointed with eclipse. Lol. If I had to choose between Twilight,Newmoon or Eclipse, I would definately choose Twilight. How about you?

By the way, look, I just found a really cute poem <3
Its really random :P

Read the whole thing to the bottom:
I don’t care for you anymore.

I would lie if i said

that i will always love you like i did

I am sure

That nothing was in vain

i feel inside of me

That i don’t love you anymore

I could never say

you loved me a lot

I feel more and more that
I’m going to forget you.
And i will never use the phrase

I love you.

I’m sorry, but i have to tell the truth..

(Now, read this upwards.)


so sweet isn;t it? :3
source - jenny ito's tumblr :)
btw I got 2 blog award!

from Lia and Cathy <3
thanks !

(ps: Will have no updates for several days..naww..>.<)

see you,