Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate! This year, I got more angpaos (red envelope) than last year. yeay! Usually, on CNY, people would buy new clothes from head to toe, but it is an exceptional for me. My mom said that I have so many clothes that I haven't wear before, why buy a new one. I agree, but still, I want new clothes. haha. Girls just can't get enough of clothes (and heels, ofcourse). Don't you all agree? Yesterday, I went to three different places and, ate at each places too. I ate so much. My zodiac state that this month, I would gain weight and told me to exercise more. I tried, but failed. Oh well..maybe I should limit my eating habits.

This is my CNY outfit. I decided to wear something colorful :D

 top - mango // shorts - zara basic // bag - kate spade // flats - mphosis

 did you guys notice something on my phone? the ribbon thinggy? my cousin, Jennifer gave it to me. Thanks jen!

 my dad and mom :)

 with my beautiful grandma :)
 at the last minute, when we were gonna went out to my uncle's house to eat (again) and see fireworks, my mom told me to exchange clothes with her. I asked her why, she said that she don't feel comfortable in skirt. So, yeah, we exchanged our clothes :D I'll show you the details of this outfit soon.
I have to admit that, January is so not a good month for me except, for yesterday because I got many angpaos! :D. First, my new haircut was kinda awful, 3 days later, Google suddenly deleted my blog (this blog) but a couple of hours later my blog came back again, and now, all of my data and files on my computer are gone. FOREVER GONE. Thanks to my mom, who told her friend to delete or you can say re-new the laptop so that the laptop would load more faster (my laptop used to be so slow when loading). At first, her friend asked her whether there is any important data in the laptop, and guess what, my mom said no. Yes, 'NO'. I was just like.... duh mom, pleaseeeeee, so, you think all of our vacation pictures and my projects are not important?? I don't really worried about the pictures, I'm worried about my IT Project. I work so hard making that project. And I haven't got a chance to insert it in my USB. I'm so mad. But what else can I do? Then I remember something. I remember that I have send my project through email to my own email-address in case something happen. I check my inbox, and then I freaked out. My project is there!! I'm so happy! No words could describe my happiness. From now on, I will definitely create a backup for all of my data..

Anyway, I should actually be in school right now, but, I'm so tired last night and couldn't sleep, so my mom told me to just skip school for today. So, I decided to blog, and reply all of your comments :) :)

Have a nice day everyone!


Black and Grey

Hello folks! Sorry for my late post. My pre-lims gonna start really soon.There are so many things that has to be done at a really short time.. :( Next week, my cousin who is also my best friend, Jennifer, will come back to Jakarta! yeay! She's the same age as me, but last year she moved to Taiwan. I actually almost went with her, but I changed my mind, Im too afraid to stay at other country without my parents..Im still not ready. As soon as she come back, she and my friends would have a sleepover at my house! It would be fun just like old times! Cant wait to meet her <3

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you this, last monday, google suddenly deleted my blog. I was so shocked and pissed at the same time. I didn't do anything wrong and suddenly they deleted my blog? Then, I send them an email to bring my blog back and as I wait for their reply, I made a new blog..then suddenly a reader of mine tell me that my blog came back. My heart filled with joy when I see my blog came back!
 Thank God. O:)

 blazer from guess // tank-top from forever21 // skirt from my sister // oxford heels from icon ninety9 // tights and accesories are from local online shop

 Wondering why my hair became like this? yeap, this is my new haircut. It is so SHORT. The hair dresser is horrible. I told her only to cut like 3-4cm and she cut my hair this short?? Im so mad at that time. But what can I do? I can't bring my hair back, though I can get a hair extension. But I try to think this as a positive thing, like..this haircut makes me look younger and childish. haha. My bang even became so short..too short to be exact. *sigh*


 I really love this flower ring that I bought from momo cuppy shop. <3

Souvenirs from my bestfriend, febby, who went to taiwan last december. She know how much I love mochi :P And special thanks to her for being my personal photographer yesterday :)

By the way, I won Sabrina Maida's (hii. chabe) giveaway! This really made my day :D Thank you so much ci Sabrina for choosing me as the winner! and Im terribly sorry for asking you so many questions on email and bbm :/ Once again, thank you :) xx

Have a nice day everyone!

(p.s: I will reply all comments asap! ;)



Today, I watched the darkest hours and ate lunch at a thailand restaurant. I actually wanted to make a wavy curl to my hair, and use a headband that I bought from mphosis, but I couldn't find it and I dont have time as I have to reached FX mall at 1pm. I rarely went to fx because it is so far from my house. I wanted to curl my hair and use a headband because I think it would make me more look like a bohemian girl. haha. Even so, I was late. I arrived at 2pm. The traffic in Jakarta is so awful. Everyday is full of traffic. :(

 topshop dress // burberry bag // schutz wedges // accesories from bali and bangkok

should I cut my bang? or no?
 All of these accesories are souvenirs from my dad and my bf :) from bangkok and bali. It suits my outfit so well!

 Ate lunch at a thailand restaurant. I forgot the name of the restaurant..(I forget things easily :( )
 This tom-yam soup with mushroom is absolutely delicious. :9

most of the pictures were taken by my boyfie. <3
 I was so bored at home, so I took some pictures of me :P
my room is so small yet full of things. I need to clean up my room..

I was wearing my new lenses which is Princess Mimi in apple green. I got this lenses from nana koo shop. I bought many lenses from her shop, and all of them were really comfortable. They have many lenses from japan and korea. Do check their shop if you're looking for a comfortable lenses with affordable prices :)

Many people said that I dont look like a 15 years old, they said that I look 17-19 years old. Do I look that old? :O Sometimes I like to dressed as my age, but sometimes I also like to dress like an adult xD
Okay, Im gonna stop talking now..
I would like to announce the winner of my first giveaway! yeayy!

Kelimutu from Garten Paradise

CONGRATS!! Please tell me your email address asap :)
The winner is chosen randomly by random.org.
If you didn't win my first giveaway, dont worry, Im gonna make another giveaway soon!! :D
By the way, I will go back to school tomorrow. I want more holidays..
I'll try to update my blog if I have time. I really need to study hard this year for my boards!

Take care everyone! :)