Back to School

 I'll be back to school next week..I can't believe my 3 months holiday passed already! seems like I enjoy my holiday so much that I didn't realize it has been 3 months :( I'm not satisfied yet, I need more holidays, yes, MORE. I'm not ready to face school, studies, and the teachers *sigh*

Anyway, these pictures of me is not my school uniform alright, although I wish It was! I got this idea of dressing up like a school girl after I read Japanese magazines, and watch gossip girls. Their uniform looks so cool and cute. When my mom sees me in this outfit, she laughed and then told my dad to look at my outfit. My dad was shocked and laughed too, and they both said that I look so cute just like a japanese school girl. haha :p

top: next // skirt: from korea // bag: prada // shoes: adorable project, from ci sabrina's giveaway

“You can’t make people love you, but you can make people fear you. One of the best Blair Waldorf quotes that fits her like a glove in Gossip Girls.
“Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop.” - Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girls

This is the shoes that I won from ci Sabrina's giveaway! this is my first time wearing this shoes, it is so comfy! I never had this kind of shoes before, so I'm  pretty much in love with it :D

my school uniform in real life is like this actually..
this was taken last time during MGS Bazaar, and my class was in charge of 'cupid messenger' stall, in which we sells roses, dolls, chocolates, cards, etc. I miss those times! <3

Anyway, don't forget to join De La Vie Belle's birthday giveaway! You can win a cute lace shorts from Gowigasa and a lovely pink dress/top! click HERE! :)



maroon and yellow

Yesterday, I went to plaza Indonesia and grand Indonesia with a friend of mine, Melissa, and her friends. It's been a while since I last saw her, and finally I could meet her! ;) She will leave Jakarta soon, as she will go to Singapore for her studies. Gonna miss her!
 l love my Bershka tribal body-con skirt that I bought during my trip to singapore 

 found this f21 necklace that I bought a year ago, as I was tidying my room.

 top: bershka // skirt: bershka // outer: promod // bag: burberry // shoes: june and julia // accessories: f21, LTSN and from bali

 this is my first time buying shoes from June and Julia. I bought febrina shoes in maroon patent. Because my size is not ready stock, I have to pre-order it, and it took around 3 weeks to make the shoes. I order it last month, and finally the shoes arrived at my house about a week ago, and I love the shoes so much, although the size is too big for me. They actually told me that I could exchange the shoes, but I said no, because I thought that the delivery will take more days..:/ will purchase more of their shoes soon! :)

Watched a disney movie, Brave. The movie was great, funny, and a bit sad. The story is about a princess who like archery and want to change her destiny. The main character's hair and her brothers are so cute! super curly red hair! I love disney movies! <3

 In the movie, the cute triplets turn into baby bears. So ADORABLE!
 super cute right?? :p

Oh, and then I went to photo-box. The photo-box is kinda new, so far I've only seen 3 malls having that photo-box. The photo-box is quite expensive, but worth it, because It have 2 albums and also cute backgrounds, not like the common photo-box. Here are some pictures :)

see you on my next post! 


Sunset in Bali

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 

― Albert Einstein

(this post will have many photos!)

  lace top: f21 // maxi skirt: chocochips boutique // flats: the little thing she needs // bag: kate spade  // sunglasses: burberry

 Here are some photos during my second day in Bali. I went to Potato Head restaurant and also visited their beach. The food tasted so good and I love the place! More photos about the restaurant soon ;)

 romantic couple <3

 beautiful sunset!
 with my sister, Cathy Sie , the photographer of most of my photos :D

 with mom. love her dress!

don't mind my face :p

jumping shot *epic fail* 

Sorry for my many pictures! There are more actually, but its impossible for me to post all of it haha :p

Currently I'm busy renovate and tidy up my room. My windows is change, and my wall will soon-ly be paint by my dad <3 All of my comics, dvds, magazines, (yes, I have tons of those!) and other useless stuff were put in a box to my other house :'( I can't throw them all..They are all my childhood memories, so I decided to keep it in a box :')  I have so many stuffs in my room, although my room is small..I can't wait so see my new room. When it's done, I'll be surely post some pictures!

Tomorrow I will accompany my mom and dad to Bandung for a meeting and perhaps stay over there for a night too. So, today I will spend my time replying your comments :D