Hello December

Terribly sorry for not updating my blog for so long..I've been lazy and busy..especially in school. I've just finished my half-yearly exams. I was so relief I dont have to face s-c-h-o-o-l again! I really hope I get good marks on my report card :) Anywaym, happy long weekend everyone! Christmas is coming near! I can't believe this year passed so fast..Don;t you all agree?

(loose shirt from kr,mom's legging,hat bought in bk,accesories from phoebe&chloe,prada bag)
 love-this. I bought this from phoebe & chloe.

Recently, I have been searching my childhood photos. I found it was funny :P
And you would'nt believe it was me:

Guess which one is me?
I laughed so hard seeing this pictures!
Will post more photos tomorrow <3
(November's photos)




Michelle Chic said...

u look adorable! very cute baby pictures!

Prisilia Felicia said...
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Prisilia Felicia said...

love your tee!
guessing..on the last picture is it you on the right? cute :)

Forget Me Not.

christine shelley candrawinata said...

nice outfit :)