Get Bounce

Last Sunday, I;ve been to Central Park mall and watched 'Get bounce'. All the dance's performance were so awesome! Especially the hip-hop and b-boy part. How I wish I could be like them....be a dancer. It was so over crowded. I almost fall at that time. There were some hip hop competition and there were 4 judges, 3 from Singapore and 1 from Usa and he was a guy from Step Up 3d! He's hot! B)

with febby,my sister cathy and ci karina.

Narcism attack. -

By the way, I changed my blog's name and link! so, kindly relink me please : )
thanks a lot. x
I got good news to tell! My mom is so kind to me. She bought me lot of things at central park since I got good mark at school and I got rank 4 in class. Im so happy!

How about you guys? how's school/college? : )

(hoodie-shirt from korea, mphosis's tanktop, divident's short, louis vuitton's backpack, nike's shoes)


Cindy Karmoko said...

thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, nice shoes btw! you're so cute!!

michelle_ said...

cool !

Veren Lee said...

you look so cute! love your geeky glasses and top :)
are u using lumix?

Tamara S. Putri said...

Love the outfit and your little LV satchel :)