A tennis player?

Well, you could say that yesterday was one of my tiring day ever. As, I went to 4 different places yesterday. Here a short story for yesterday :p

In the morning I went to Strawberry Cafe. I;ve been to strawberry cafe twice with my family and my neighbour. It was a great place but I barely survive, Its too-hot. And what I hate the most about yesterday is that I had to wait for 1 hour till the cafe is open. The food tastes nice. The cafe have a lot of games that we could play (like uno,monopoly,maze-game,etc) and I had to admit, the games were quite interesting and fun to play! I play maze-game there.

And this is my outfit for yesterday:

 Yesterday,  at 2pm, I decided to go to pluit village,hang out with my besties. And we had a great time playing uno at the foodcourt. But sadly, I have to go home at 5pm sharp because I have a family-time. My family and I go to chase plaza and ate dinner at sumibian. Then after dinner, we all decided to spend the night karaoke-ing! So we go karaoke near my house until 12pm I think. Yesterday was a tiring day but Im happy!<3
It is always nice to spend time with family. Dont you all agree? : )
 My friend said that my outfit makes me look like a tennis and golf's player. lol :))

 polo top, skirt bought at korea, braun buffel bag, nine west pump, bracelet from juicy couture and others bought it online.

I was actually searching for a black pump 3 weeks ago and my mom and I decided so search for it at central park about. And we search for it all day long and couldnt find that I like and which is more than 9cm-tall. But luckily, when we were about to go to the lobby, my mom saw a black pump on nine west, and then I fall in love with the heels! And so my mom bought it for me. The pump was 12cm, and I suffered wearing it yesterday but still I totally love the pump. My mom actually bought the pump for me as a gift for me as I had good result on my test. : )

Well, sorry for my long post!
How was your weekend?


Missy Cheeks said...

I luv chocolate:P
Nice outfit!!
tks for stopping by :=)

AUDREY* said...

nice outfitttt :D

Ioana Liliana said...

You are so cute! And those shoes look awesome!


Nina said...

love the heels and the dress is cute!


Riumni | Rainbows Scapes♥ said...

Hello! Thanks for ur comment a while ago. Anyway, I love your outfit. You look so sweet <3 the pumps are chic

inge luciana said...

wow your mom is so kind. she gave you pretty pumps. yeah, 12cms will kill your foot. my maximum heels are 8cms, more than that I won't walk comfortly. :)

Julie said...

Love your new pumps! :)
Also just noticed we're around the same age, hehe.

+ I followed! Thanks for stopping by <3
It be greatly appreciated if you could follow back!

WENDY said...

I'm drooling over the pumps!
I had a great Easter weekend btw :)


vintage process said...

Love your look! So pretty!

Florence said...

Haha pumps are painful but very nice to look at.

Oh, thanks for your help ! I will try and buy clip on ones, I think they look awesome on you ! Great outfit, it's so sporty indeed.


YUI said...

lovely outfit :)
and i totally love your pumps! gorgeous!! <3


Corina said...

soo pretty!! Cute outfit!!

Noortje said...

oh my gosh can i have your hair please?! its gorgeous!
love the look and the pics girl


La Mode En Rose said...

oh that's so cute!!! you have a nice blog!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

Eurica said...

I love the shoes sweetie! ♥


Just a bit of Eurica ♥

Anonymous said...

ohh, u look very pretty!!

follow me on my blog ;)

Laura said...

mmm chocolate!!!! Loving your outfit and those shoes are too perfect!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are heaven!

Star-Light said...

lovely outfit :)

happy easter!


Star-Light said...

i follow you...hope you follow back ;) <3


Vicki said...

Thanks for your comment! Love your shoes and sunnies! What do you think about following each other? xoxo

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

love the sporty vibe of your outfit!


T.A. said...

Those shoes are so cute and you have amazing hair!

Thanks for the bloglove <3


Maria said...

I adore your blog so much! Your hair is very pretty and those shoes are lovely! :) Thankyou for you comment on my blog, your are very sweet!
I'm now your newest follower, I would love for you to follow me too! www.avenuemaria.blogspot.com xoxo

GretchTM said...

You look beautiful in that outfit!! I love everything about it. :)

piapia said...

such a cute skirt! love the shoes so much :) and i want that LOLLIPOP phone so badly!!! where do you bought it?

Mayna Prabandari said...

you look awesome with that outfit. so cute!
thanks for leaving me a comment :)

SASA said...

love your skirt and top dear. :)
PS join my give away! a cute summer dress

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Nice outfit! <3 Love your hair and SUMIBIAN IS DAMN GOOD! :D


michelle_ said...

the pumps are definitely loovveellyy !

thanks for stopping by at my blog !

im having a shoe giveaway of your own choice at the moment :D
glisters and blisters

Natali said...

You look sooo cute!

Gabbie Chang said...

you are like a doll!!! supa cute! highfive from gabbie@5amjetaime.com

Shirley said...

cute outfit!
i love your skirt and those heels are gorgeous!


okky dommy said...

omg! i love your hair dear, really <3
you look pretty as well, lovely!


rohinie said...

love them shoes and your pretty face+ chinkey eyes...

following you...please follow me back alrite:)

Anonymous said...

You look great, gorgeous outfit :) And I love your hair, so pretty!
Yesterday I wore black flats and they hurt me like hell, so it's my opinion that if my feet are going to hurt then I may as well wear heels all the time ;)


Shirley Wijaya said...

hey pretty, i love your pumps. and oh i love your gorgeous hair.

have a nice dayy :D thanks for the award btw :D

Stevia said...

Then you must be the cutest Teniss player that ever existed!

Thank you for the award!
You are too kind!


Jocelyn Ng said...

You look very cute!

laura said...

what an adorable outfit! I love it when people mix unexpected elements like sporty and dressy. Those pumps are gorgeous! and I love your fringe:)
hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights

thechyrelgomez said...

really love the shoes and skirt and yes, it's really great to spend time with the fam bam.

Annabelle Fleur said...

Wow, I just love your outfit! You look amazing! Gorgeous shoes!!! Love your blog, I am now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


John B. Marine said...

Well, if we're talking golf, then you just scored a Hole-in-One with this outfit. If we're talking tennis, then you just delivered quite an overhead smash with this look. Those pumps are fantastic to go with this outfit. I love the skirt as well as the polo shirt. For someone as young as you are, your style is incredible!


Dewanti Primayani said...

you look pretty, i love your hair!!

k come karolina said...

you look FAB!!!

xoxo from rome

sallyannie☆ said...

Cute! You really do sort of look like a tennis player haha

michellehendra said...

love ur hair. love ur heels. :)


Cecilia's Heart said...

You have super cute hair! And those heels are killer :) xo


Anonymous said...

You are beautiful!


a, said...

i love your hair! it's so cute curled on the ends like that. i think your outfit looks kind of like...a school girl uniform

Miy said...

super cute!! That pump is to die for

The Picnic Girl

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Lia Waroka Putri said...

You should be the prettiest tennis player, Ivy! Your black pumps are sooo gorgeus <3
And lastly, thanks for your lovely comment, stay awesome ;)

Ariyani Sukma said...

hi cutey, thank for stop and checking my blog hehehe
nice to know u btw
im ariyani but u can call me arin
u have a cute hair cute, mhihihi u looks like a barbie doll sweety
wanna link exchange btw :)

Eurica said...

Sweetie,i've already posted the award you've given me..Thanks soooo much! And i'm sooooooo following you now :}

Katherine Tirtawijaya said...

wow really nice shoes!
I linked you btw
mind to link each other? :)

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

cute outfit and i like your heels

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

love these! x hivenn

Stevia said...

ivy, i gave you awards!
please come and pick it up ;)


keschen said...

i love those black pumps.. its sexy!

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Cinderella's Closet said...

Very cute outfit & loving the shoes, ofcourse.


Cinderella's Closet NYC

Vivid Virginia said...

I've been following your blog, now you follow back mine :)

Reef Curtis said...

nice look :)
let's follow each other ;)