A tennis player?

Well, you could say that yesterday was one of my tiring day ever. As, I went to 4 different places yesterday. Here a short story for yesterday :p

In the morning I went to Strawberry Cafe. I;ve been to strawberry cafe twice with my family and my neighbour. It was a great place but I barely survive, Its too-hot. And what I hate the most about yesterday is that I had to wait for 1 hour till the cafe is open. The food tastes nice. The cafe have a lot of games that we could play (like uno,monopoly,maze-game,etc) and I had to admit, the games were quite interesting and fun to play! I play maze-game there.

And this is my outfit for yesterday:

 Yesterday,  at 2pm, I decided to go to pluit village,hang out with my besties. And we had a great time playing uno at the foodcourt. But sadly, I have to go home at 5pm sharp because I have a family-time. My family and I go to chase plaza and ate dinner at sumibian. Then after dinner, we all decided to spend the night karaoke-ing! So we go karaoke near my house until 12pm I think. Yesterday was a tiring day but Im happy!<3
It is always nice to spend time with family. Dont you all agree? : )
 My friend said that my outfit makes me look like a tennis and golf's player. lol :))

 polo top, skirt bought at korea, braun buffel bag, nine west pump, bracelet from juicy couture and others bought it online.

I was actually searching for a black pump 3 weeks ago and my mom and I decided so search for it at central park about. And we search for it all day long and couldnt find that I like and which is more than 9cm-tall. But luckily, when we were about to go to the lobby, my mom saw a black pump on nine west, and then I fall in love with the heels! And so my mom bought it for me. The pump was 12cm, and I suffered wearing it yesterday but still I totally love the pump. My mom actually bought the pump for me as a gift for me as I had good result on my test. : )

Well, sorry for my long post!
How was your weekend?


Beautiful Momment

 Hi lovlies! Sorry for my short absent. will reply all commets and follow-request soon : )
anyway, I should actually post these pictures on last february..It was my senior's sweet 17 party that time, and her name is Arlin. She looked beautiful at the party : )

Im so in love with gossip girl season 4! I think it was the best season of gossip girl. Last night I watched pretty little liars, i dont know why, i think it was kinda creepy..but the girls are absoulately gorgeous!

armani exchange dress, louis vuitton clutch, random accessories, charles and keith heels

(p.s: sorry for the crop pictures. I couldnt help it, the background was horrible. :/)

I really wore simple makeup at that time. I wish I could have a sweet 17 later.
I must wait for 3 years more huh o__o
my friends made this. yumyum! <3

Im so happy I've got many comment and new follower<3
thankyou so much.
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I like to thank Florence, the owner of FANTAIL FLO for giving me this lovely award!
It really made my day : )

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I actually want to pass the award to more blogger, but the rule said only for 12blogs. : (
Sorry for the long post. :p

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you have a wonderful day! x


A mix of blue and white stripes

"Fashion isn't about what's on your closet, fashion is about how you make all stuff in your closet works." - John Lennon, the beatles

Went tuition with my friends yesterday at my grandmother's house, and then went karaoke.
Gone wild with my friends <3
The place was quite nice. There's lot of hollywood's singer's pictures on the walls (taylor swift, katy perry,etc)

And today, I went to Pluit Village. Watched the battle for terra which was pretty amazing : )

 I hate my chubby cheek..:(

 mom's top, jack and jill vest, trf denim pants, burberry wedges, louis vuitton bag

 random accessories from stroberi and reebok.
I really appreciates all of your comments! Thank you so much. Will reply all of your comments as soon as possible! <3
I hope you guys have a great weekend! xx


Head over shoes

"Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, its about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong." - Adriana Lima

Im feeling weird if I wear shoes/flats instead of high heels. It makes me look....short.

next tank top, mphosis skirt, thursday island blazer, shoes bought in japan, gucci bag, f21 accessories.
some of my drawing :)

by the way, im sure that you have heard about Taylor Swift won the entertainer of the year statue at the 46th annual Academy Of Country Music Awards! I freak out when I heard this! A fan of taylor here :)

Have a nice day!