Blueey Stripes

Today my family and I went to Senayan City. When we reached Senayan City, my mom immediately told us to accompany her shopping. She wants us to carry her shopping bag i guess. lol. But because I was so hungry, I went to eat dinner first with my brother. We ate at a japanese restaurant. Really declicious. Sadly, I forgot the name of the restaurant..Then at 9pm, we watched a movie, Karate Kid. Awesome movie. :)
---- I really want to watch Letters to Juliet! :*

Actually I want to wear this wedges but then suddenly it hurts my leg, so I decided to use crocs. :)

D I V A <3

(dress: mango,jacket: mango,ring: f21 & phoebe and chloe,bag: kate spade,shoes:crocs)


joninel said...

cute dress. love your hair too :)

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Amadea Larissa said...

nice ring ><
and you look cute,as usual ;P


i've linked you anyway ;DD please link me back ;p

Jaqueline said...

hello ivy :D
you have slr too rite ? what type do you have ? :b
i love your bang and hair :)
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Laras Arum said...

nice ring ^_^
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Ivy Sie said...

Thankyou for all your comments!
will surely reply asap..:)
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