Dark Night

I love holiday! lol. :D
Anyway, yesterday I went to a new mall near my house (I forgot the name).On my way to the mall, there was a traffic jam. The traffic jam was so horrible! My car hardly move at all! My driver asked one of the person there, 'What happen?' then the man replied that there was an electricity pole collapsed--It tooks 2 hours for us to arrive at the mall. The mall was near PuriMall, Its not that bad actually. But the mall was full of different kinds of food, there's NO PLACE/STORE FOR SHOPPING. Can you imagine that? lol. xD Anyway, there;s Korean,Chinese,American,Japanese,Indonesian,etc..My family and I ate at 'Tony Romas'. The food was so damn delicious. I love the Mushroom soup. :) Then because we have nothing else to do, we went home.

(Mphosis dress,Naughty belt,random accesories,unbranded postman bag,Jwest heels)

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ps: all my title is totally random! :P


Mily Sin said...

you're 13 and already so fashionable!
i'm so jealous of you ! : D

PhieGarage said...

hi cantik...
ongkir Jakarta 10rb aja..
sms ke 0856 256 2819 y kalo jd, soalny yg km booked jg udh ad yg nanyain, jd aq ngutamain yg dlan sms ya.. thanks,,
smooch ! :)

PhieGarage said...
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PhieGarage said...
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Amadea Larissa said...

love the belttt. :D
you look cute :)


Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

nice dress ivy :)
and i love your hair
thanks for your comment ya

check out my latest post

Vina Velena said...

c ivy cantikk ;3

Lia Waroka Putri said...

Lovely hair and u seemed having a great fam-time :)
Anw I hv done the same favor, u r too cute! :D


bella francisca said...

hello dear, thanks for your lovely comment :) hey, maybe i know the mall without shopping place, it's "PX Pavilion". btw, rumah mu dket puri mall? wah aku juga loh :DD maybe sometimes we can do a little meet up darl! love your hair, so natural. anyway, check my new post ya! feel free to follow.

xoxo, bee ♥

Felicia Marcellina said...

hey, you look great!
just one question. okay i will . please remind me. a lil bit stuck in the internet here.
one question. your shop. do you sell internationally?

Diana Ang said...

love your hair :)

libys11 said...

you're so pretty!!! i love your outfit! :D

i just went to tony roma's recently too! :D awesome ribs! :D

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Erlia 馮婉婷 said...

aaarrgg.. cute rings.. love it!