V a m p y

"When you can live forever, what do you live for?" - Twillight
look, some random photo that i edit yesterday. Scary eh? :P
someone even said i looked like a ghost from 'Grudge'
lol. xD

Anyway, yesterday I went to PI with my family.
Actually my mom wants to watch 'Eclipse'
but I said 'No'. And guess what, it was full after all xD
So, we went for dinner at a restaurant called 'At The Beach'
and then my dad told me to accompany him to buy some cookies at FamousAmos :)
Then, my parent had a guest yesterday, so, my mom told my sister, bro and I to go play. Basically, she doesnt want us to disturb her. :p
Did you guys know a game place at Pi? the one that looks like Funworld. O.o
well, we decided to play there until our parent finish their chit-chat with the guest. :P
So we played. About 3 hours? lol xD
it was so much fun!!! we watched 4d,3d,karaoke,play racing car,drums,basketball,etc :P

what do you think? :)

then when I reach home, i try to use eyeliner. xD
i look s c a r y >.<

thats all for now <3
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(zara dress,random accesories,mom's lv bag,random shoes)


Turquoise and Lily said...

thanks for your comment dear and also for being my lovely reader.. :)

have a nice day

regina stacia abigail said...

oh yeah, you look so creepy for sure:)

have a new post here, please mind to check out and leave a comment!


Vilda Witaria said...

hey, i'm blogwalking :) i like your dress very much

Felicia Marcellina said...

alright. you look pretty creepy.
why, you don't like eclipse and the rest?

Lovely Curse

Mily Sin said...

your curls are gorgeous <3

Vina Velena said...

aaa c ivy cntik bngt d XD wkwk

michelle_ said...

you look good with the eyeliner !!

nice hair too :)

Lia Waroka Putri said...

Ivy your hair is awe! Anyway you look so scary yet I can still see u r pretty =)


Melissa Tjioe ♥ said...

loving your hair and your red lips. uberkewl haha

emm. are you sister from cathy sie?

thanks for your comment.

black n white ladies said...

a vampire looks??hehehe...I think you're really look like a chiness doll, super cute!isn't it??hehe


Jaqueline said...

ivy relink dong heheh :D

Erlia 馮婉婷 said...

nice look. and cute stripe dress..
keep update ^^


Ribka said...

cute dress :)