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I realized that i had been a bad-blogger recently. I haven't post anything for 3 months? :/ you all probably know the reason....lazy and busy with studies, so, forgive me if i;ve been a bad blogger :*

well, my studies been great so far,no subject fail :)
thats the good news, the bad news is that i think i spend too much money for shopping.
if my mom knew about this, i would be probably dead D: and the other bad news is that my bb's trackball broke..*cries* now im using my LG Lollipop again, my LG love to HANG/TURN OFF BY ITSELF all the time. duhh.

Anyway, my birthday passed already, it is on 20 August,turned 14. And I did not post anything at all, maybe i will post it soon!
Even when holiday, i went to korea for a week but im too lazy to post, what kind of blogger i am?
from now on, I will TRY to post every week, at least 1 post :D

Today I went to Moi, watched The Legend of Guardians which is not so bad after all :)

can you imagine i got this gorgeous glitters and sticker for free? im so inlove with glitters recently!
i also bought acuvue contact lenses, im trying to not use colour-lenses from now on :3
panda cupcake yumm >w<
actually this cupcake is for my brother but he said that its too sweet so he decided to gave it to me.

on my way home, daddy call me and asked us if me and my brother want to eat dinner at gang gang sulai, I was surprised my dad asked for dinner together, he never ask before.
And the most funny part is that when we ate, my dad took a picture of us, eating. i was just like ...... then he said that, that picture that he just took is for mom, he want to prove mom that he accompany me and my brother for dinner like he promised mom! lol! my mom went to surabaya with her friends yesterday. So my mom told dad to be a DAD for a DAY and took care of us while shes gone. mm now i miss my mom:(

(mom's tanktop, papy acsessories skirt&belt, mango cardigan, fendi bag, unisha wedges, accesories from momocuppy,phoebe&chloe,stroberi)

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Anonymous said...

bcz there isn't cbox i wrote here, blogwalking back sis :) yes sure, link as who?

Anonymous said...

oke linked :D
link me as Andi Dragon :)

willdy cheng said...
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joninel said...

i like your belt and your skirt so much :D thx for visit..nice blog here

Jaqueline said...

thanks for your comment vi :D
relink please :D


meidyvinola said...

love your outfit xx

michelle_ said...

hahah your story with the dad taking photo of you all is sooo funny :)
i hope your mom is enjoying surabaya :)

Orchid Beatrix said...

sure..tell me if u have linked me then i'll link u back.
btw..just a suggestion:u look best in pastels and white colour <3

Lia Waroka Putri said...

woah ivy you're such a pretty lady! great that u r coming back =) xxbarbiejunk

piapia said...

cuteee!! love the lovely skirt and heels :D and love your hat too!

Miss Lia said...

Hey there!
OMG you are so cute :)
anyway, I like ur Fendi bag

nice day, miss lia <3

Sarah said...

Cute blog! Your coordinate is so pretty, I love your hate and lacy skirt! New follower :)

Esther Angela said...

love your cardigan :)