Dark Night

I love holiday! lol. :D
Anyway, yesterday I went to a new mall near my house (I forgot the name).On my way to the mall, there was a traffic jam. The traffic jam was so horrible! My car hardly move at all! My driver asked one of the person there, 'What happen?' then the man replied that there was an electricity pole collapsed--It tooks 2 hours for us to arrive at the mall. The mall was near PuriMall, Its not that bad actually. But the mall was full of different kinds of food, there's NO PLACE/STORE FOR SHOPPING. Can you imagine that? lol. xD Anyway, there;s Korean,Chinese,American,Japanese,Indonesian,etc..My family and I ate at 'Tony Romas'. The food was so damn delicious. I love the Mushroom soup. :) Then because we have nothing else to do, we went home.

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Broken Blue

Hello blogger :) I;ve been updating my blog recently..Anyway, today my family and I went to Plaza Senayan. We ate dinner at a japanese restaurant. We don't have much time to go shopping :( Then we watched a movie 'A-Team'. I love this movie! It was so hilarious. Lol. Must watch it guys! :)
By the way this is what I wear today!

My sister, Cathy, told me to blur her face. Dont know why --

Random photo that I took when I reached home.
Weird huh? :*

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(long shirt- edc, vest- michaa,accecories- f21,stroberi,bangkok,stocking- random,bag- kate spade,shoes- next)


Blueey Stripes

Today my family and I went to Senayan City. When we reached Senayan City, my mom immediately told us to accompany her shopping. She wants us to carry her shopping bag i guess. lol. But because I was so hungry, I went to eat dinner first with my brother. We ate at a japanese restaurant. Really declicious. Sadly, I forgot the name of the restaurant..Then at 9pm, we watched a movie, Karate Kid. Awesome movie. :)
---- I really want to watch Letters to Juliet! :*

Actually I want to wear this wedges but then suddenly it hurts my leg, so I decided to use crocs. :)

D I V A <3

(dress: mango,jacket: mango,ring: f21 & phoebe and chloe,bag: kate spade,shoes:crocs)


The Trend

Recently, Im very interested in jumpsuit. Fisrt, when I saw it, I didnt like it. Infact I told my mom that i would never use jumpsuit. Lol. But now, Im begging my mom to buy me a jumpsuit. :P
AKA New York (Left)
 Barlyn Romper (Right)

Dolce Vita (Both)

Joie (Left)
LaROK (Right)

I really love 3rd and 4th picture :)
I wish i could buy all of it !

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Alex and Ani (Both)

Alex and Ani (Left)
Bing Bang (Right)

CC Skye (Both)

Giles and Brother (Both)

Jennifer Meyer Jewelery

Cute isn;t it ?
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