precious moments

I know that Im so late to say this, but HAPPY HOLIDAYS GUYS!! Have an awesome holiday :)

Im terribly sorry for my so-late-late-late-lateeee post..I'll make it up to you this week ;)

Anyway, August was a bad month for me as my marks decreased and so many problems happened to me. On 20th august, it was my birthday and because of midterms in my school, I have to postphoned my birthday party. Until now, I still havent celebrate it thanks to 'Lebaran' holidays in my country. And the most saddest part is that my dearest cousin, Jennifer moved to Taiwan :( I wish her best of luck o:) ehm, I dont go anywhere this lebaran holiday. All of my maid and driver went to their hometown, which makes me and my mom do all the cleaning stuffs. Instead of losing some kg, I gained 1kg. :( I wonder why I gained weight, as I excercise a lil bit like mopping,washing dishes,tidying things in my house, I should loose weight! *sigh* Almost everyday, I ate delivery food..I miss homemade meals. This holiday, so many surprise things happened! e.g my mom clean the house..let me repeat again, my mom 'CLEAN' the house, my mom could not cook,swim,clean,etc like other mom. So, it was a surprise news for me and my siblings. I have to admit that without maid, my life wouldnt be easy. My maid used to do and help all the things. So, I suppose that this holiday makes me more mature. : )

Here some pictures of me.

 Top: cotton on
Bottom: guess
Bag: prada
Wedges: juicy couture
Belt: mom's

Basically my everyday-routine-activity is cleaning my room,eat,watching korean dramas and sleep B)
Im currently in love with lee min ho in City hunter! He's so damn freaking hawttt. Dean Fujioka Tatsuo is also my new crush :3 He's so cool in the drama 'miss no good' with rainie yang, the movie is hilarious and entertaining! Even my mom is now crazy about kpops. She has been youtube-ing yoona,lee seungi, g-dragon, nichkhun, girls generation,etc all day long -__-

Anyway, here some additional pictures :P
 me(left), my dearest cousin (right). Will surely miss you jen!! xx

 My birthday cake and roses from my dearest mom and dad. <3

 I love my family :)
my sister's birthday polaroid pictures ;)
(all the drawing is my dad;s)

I wonder why so many people went to korea this holiday *__* I went there last year and my whole family said that Korea is not a good place for vacation..Im quite agree though im a huge fan of kdramas and kpops, as most of the goods there are expensive and the food is all the same (kimchi,bulgogi,bibimbab,etc) but the good thing are the make up store there is cheap (etude house,vov,faceshop,etc) and the korean actors and boy-girlbands are gorgeous :p I was shocked that people that went to korea this holiday went to the exact same place just like I did last year O___O like the teddybear museum,glasshouse,cheonjiyeon waterfall,Seongsan Sunrise Peak, etc..I wonder why :S
My sister got a macbook air for her birthday which is on 1 september. Envy her :s
...I need some suggestion..my dad would like to buy me ipad 2 for my birthday present..but  I also like samsung galaxy tab..which is better? ipad 2 or samsung? :/

(p.s: sorry for the many pictures in this post. This is all basically my pending photos that I want to post it on my blog previously but Im too lazy to do it :p)


dunia kecil indi said...

OMG, you're 15 now! congratulations :) happy belated birthday, ivy, wish u all the best :)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Happy belated! You're so pretty! I guess iPad 2 is better, I once had a galaxy tab and I don't enjoy having it! Haha! xoo


Bonniela said...

Happy Belated Birthday sweets. :)