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Its been a while since my last visit to my mom's office. I realised that the environment is so different not like in school. When its time to work, they work, not like us kids even forced to do some homework we still play. When I was young, I thought that working is easier and way much simplier than studying. And as I grow up, I changed my mind, study is so much better than working though both of them have a common thing which is 'stresses'. I felt sorry for my mom for having to work so hard for my life, feed me, bought me clothes, and so much more. Its time for me to repay her back by study hard and show her my awesome marks. Study is student's priority afterall ;)

 Im wearing zara shirt, stradivarius short, mphosis flatshoes, bag from burberry.
 Now, let me show you 2 pictures that I edit..

 I look so childish :/
 and here, what inside my bag. :)
 I love this flatshoe.

Beware for my camwhoring shots!!

the photo above is pretty scary issit? idk why, when I was camwhoring my eyes became like that *spooky*

 I tried this new korean restaurant at emporium mall,Jakarta. And the bulgogi taste good,just like in Korea. My family and I always try grill restaurant (meat!) as my dad,mom and brother dislike western food, I forgot the name of the restaurant, but I remember that it was Seoul..something..:P I would rate the restaurant 4/5. I still prefer sumibian,fonzu,gang gang sulai meat though. ;3 their meat is the best!

the tongue meat looks like salmon. lol. I didnt bring my camera, so I took the picture with my phone. Sorry for the low quality..

thats all for today's post. thanks for reading!!! much love xx

what do you think about my new banner and background?? :)


John B. Marine said...

Extremely cute! Cute T-shirt and lovely red flats. Those flats really pop from the white and black colors. You look so cute (and a tad silly) in your pictures. Cool stuff!


jamie said...

you are so precious! i love your red flats!! and wow, that food looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

you look cute, like korean girl :) and i love your red shoes..aww <3
thank you for comment sweetie feel free for follow/link

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Looking so sweet! You look like a Korean! Great outfit! Simple yet chic <3 x


janet said...

you are cute, dear
love your red flats. adding extra cuteness! :D

Fran Domínguez said...

Love this, you're so cute!

Fran Domínguez | Photographer (www.fran-blog.com)