Birthday and Fireworks

Its 2012 everyone! How amazing is that? I really hope 2012 would be a better year. 2011 tought me so many lessons in life. I wish I could be a better person this year. Anyway, this is my first post in 2012! I want to say thank you to my dear readers for always supporting me :) I promise I'll try to be a better blogger..:)

As you know, I spend my new year's eve at my cousin's house, barberque-ing, countdown, fireworks and sleepover of course. It was fun. I ate a lot that day. :(

One bad accident happened unfortunately..the fireworks accidently went inside the house..It was madness. So many kids were there, they freaked out, run and hide inside the house. All the parents went looking and shouting for their kids. Three kids went silent and not saying any words due to the shock. :(
My cousin, michelle, even hurt herself..what a terrible thing! But after that, no bad things happen anymore, thank God.

I manage to take some pictures of fireworks. I love fireworks. <3

There are still more pictures of my new year's eve, but I decided to just put some, or else this post would be so long and full of pictures! :p

 here is my outfit on the first day of 2012 :)

 hat bought from bangkok // armani exchange jumpsuit // f21 necklace // louis vuitton bag // piero lumardi wedges

 1st January is my brother's birthday. I could not celebrate his birthday during new year's eve, because at that time, me and my sister stayed at my cousin's house, and my brother stayed at my other cousin's house..So, the day afterward, me with my family went to gahyo, a korean restaurant. My brother loves grill, yakiniku, anything that related to meat. xD he never eat vegetables and fruits..can't you imagine that? :/

The cake is pretty small. My family (especially my brother) don't like to eat cakes too much, so my mom bought about 7 small cakes as my brother's birthday cake. But at the end, the birthday cake is only of 3 cakes, as my mom thinks that my brother turn 13th, so she said that its better 3 cake and not 7. :D
By the way, the cakes are from bakerzine, and it is one of my favourite restaurant for dessert! :)
 my parents wanted to give him an iphone 4. Me and my sis were like seriously? he's 13 fyi. :')

 First time my mom's bangs look like that, I think it suits her well :)
After dinner, we went to watch mission impossible 4 which I watched it already. I dont know why, I oftenly watch movie twice or even thrice with my family and friends :S

Thats the end of the post.Terribly sorry for my long post..:(


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Lara Rose said...

love your bag!

Ceciliaefendy said...

I love those fireworks pics!
I know you had a fun in new year's eve, happy new year dear :D
Btw, love your mustard shoes too xx

Jane Reggievia said...

Aww the fireworks pictures are beautiful! But be careful when you play with the fire ):
Anyway, you look great in the first day of 2012, and send my wish to your brother Happy belated Birthday! You have a cute family <3
Happy NY dear! (:


Kid said...

Awesome fireworks capture. And hey, you're beautiful. ^^

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Love the fireworks, can't celebrate a new year without it.


Wynne Prasetyo said...

the fireworks above the roof was SUPER amazing! <3 <3
you look lovely, my dear. and you look a lot like your mom!



Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and you looks so cute in the outfit :) And your parents wants to give your 13 year old brother an iPhone? I'm 19 and my parents won't buy me one! haha. I'll just have to use my own money! :p


Jessica Paramartha said...

hey dear thanks for your nice comment, by the way you have such a lovely blog dear hihi :)
and you have pretty face just like your mom! love your mustard shoes, im following you now. nice to know youuu <3

have a nice day and happy new year!
xoxo, Jessica

Valencia Maximillian said...

hey sweetie! what a fun new year eve u had! beautiful fireworks *.* you look so cute with that jumpsuit! <3 love your wedges colors, perfect color palette!

following you back for sure! happy new year!


Monica Kosasih said...

love your jumpsuit,you look so gorgeous dear :D
happy new year

Helena Natanael said...

hello again! amazing new year celebration, happy new year 2012! I've followed you, hope you follow back hehe..

Rini Hastuti said...

the fireworks looks so awesome, and you are really cute with that blue jumpsuit :)

btw making a danbo isn't hard, you can take a look my post when i made it for the first time :)

Laras Candra Laksi said...

beautiful :)


jennieaprilla said...

what a beautiful fireworks dear..
I love your wedges, it's suit on you.. :)
I've followed you back btw ♥


Lola La Fleur said...

Beautiful fireworks! I hope you have a good start of the year:)

I like your blog with, it seems interesting so I follow you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, great pictures! I love those fireworks! And your outfit is so cute! :)

♥: http://katariinan-kammari.blogspot.com

Bonnie said...

Your outfit is beyond adorable. I love this color on you!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Mitha Komala said...

thanks for the wishes. i love your bowler hat dear! you look very pretty. happy new year and have a great year ahead <333


Sarah said...

Your jumpsuit is so cute, I love the colour! I'm sorry to hear about the firework incident, I love fireworks but they are so dangerous! I am following you now. xo


unitatan said...

Hey, thanks for the lovely comment.. Your pics are totally awesome too! You catched great snaps of the fireworks :D

Happy new year too! :D

.Le Reveur.

CLAUDET said...

You look really amazing :)


Andrianny Augustine said...

happy new year too ivy :)
have a great year ..