Black and Grey

Hello folks! Sorry for my late post. My pre-lims gonna start really soon.There are so many things that has to be done at a really short time.. :( Next week, my cousin who is also my best friend, Jennifer, will come back to Jakarta! yeay! She's the same age as me, but last year she moved to Taiwan. I actually almost went with her, but I changed my mind, Im too afraid to stay at other country without my parents..Im still not ready. As soon as she come back, she and my friends would have a sleepover at my house! It would be fun just like old times! Cant wait to meet her <3

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you this, last monday, google suddenly deleted my blog. I was so shocked and pissed at the same time. I didn't do anything wrong and suddenly they deleted my blog? Then, I send them an email to bring my blog back and as I wait for their reply, I made a new blog..then suddenly a reader of mine tell me that my blog came back. My heart filled with joy when I see my blog came back!
 Thank God. O:)

 blazer from guess // tank-top from forever21 // skirt from my sister // oxford heels from icon ninety9 // tights and accesories are from local online shop

 Wondering why my hair became like this? yeap, this is my new haircut. It is so SHORT. The hair dresser is horrible. I told her only to cut like 3-4cm and she cut my hair this short?? Im so mad at that time. But what can I do? I can't bring my hair back, though I can get a hair extension. But I try to think this as a positive thing, like..this haircut makes me look younger and childish. haha. My bang even became so short..too short to be exact. *sigh*


 I really love this flower ring that I bought from momo cuppy shop. <3

Souvenirs from my bestfriend, febby, who went to taiwan last december. She know how much I love mochi :P And special thanks to her for being my personal photographer yesterday :)

By the way, I won Sabrina Maida's (hii. chabe) giveaway! This really made my day :D Thank you so much ci Sabrina for choosing me as the winner! and Im terribly sorry for asking you so many questions on email and bbm :/ Once again, thank you :) xx

Have a nice day everyone!

(p.s: I will reply all comments asap! ;)


Shasha said...

super love your blazer and shoes :)
You still look pretty with your new hair..
and the ring is so cute.. I must check the online store to buy some :)

Elle ღ said...

love the shoes, they´amazing!


Elle ღ

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

aww really nice outfit dear :) you look so pretty , and your shoes was amazing !!

Sarah Rizqi said...

Love your shoes! That looks so adorable :)


dian ajeng maharani said...

oh dear, im so glad that your blog is back. i will really sad if google deletes my blog with no reason.
congrast for the giveaway.\
lovely blazer and you style it well with tanktop and cute mini skirt! im a tights lover and your tights are to die for!
sweet candy less sugar

Stella Lunardy said...

I lovee this outfit! congrats to you for winning the giveaway:)

Alice ;* said...

Love your blazer :)
you are beautiful :D:**

follow me :**

Cassie said...

You are cute :) Outfit is great ;*
Love the shoes!

Christeen said...

nice outfit :) stay fashionably cute!

heyimfany said...

aw,sometimes ur face looks like ci michelle koesnadi. hehe. still pretty as usual ivy!xx


okky dommy said...

sweet.. you looks pretty

Vonny said...

i like your blazer!

sabrina maida said...

awww welcomeback dear, i love your outfit. btw your welcome :) have a nice day with new shoes.


Daria said...

So like your blazer and skirt! Very girly :)


Rini Hastuti said...

you look so very cute dear :)

Fabrizia said...

Such a great post, I like it!!! The photos are simply fab!

Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

mitchinheels said...

Beautiful blog beautiful model..all is just so perfect.i'm your newest follower now dear..hope u can take time to share some love by following me back,xoxox..

Sherlyn Lavenia said...
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Sincerely Mally said...

awesome tights!!!

Shirley said...

cute outfit!!!


Heidi said...

you are so pretty!!

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P.s There's an international MAC cosmetic giveaway going on :>

xx Heidi

Anya Sinta said...

cute top!! :)

Clouds said...

very cute outfit!

Izzaura said...

cute style!! love the boots a lot ♥ ♥

xoxo, Izzaura

Tya Fairuz said...

love the shoes :) . you still look nice .. with your new haircut .. :)


Karina Dinda R. said...

Lovely outfit! :) You look so pretty dear ^^

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Karina Dinda R. ♥

Camilla said...

Such a cute outfit! :)

X Camilla

Shasha said...

Hi dear, I tagged you here:
Please check.. Thanks ~~

Claireta Teressa said...

love those shoes and blazzer.
what a perfect look ♥

followed your blog.hope you;l follow mind

Rafaela Deandra said...

Nice ! i love your tights <3

Neon Attract

Fictitious Fashion said...

Lovely outfit again.. I love ur tank top n tights sooo much! :)
N OMG.. d same thing happened wid me too.. My blog got deleted!!!!!!!!! I cried my eyes out.. it has so many stories attached wid my life.. :P I love it.. den I sent google so many mails.. some polite..some rude.. some requesting.. n some cursing :P after hours.. I got it back.. N i was jumping! haha.. girls we are ;)

Julian Tanoto said...

superrr in love with ur oxford heels ! <3 <3

Journal J