Butterfly fly away

Hello! How was your day? Well, mine was kind of bad. Yesterday morning, I went to Central Park mall with my mom. We ate lunch at sushitei and we went for a walk to some stores. I fought with my mom. And I have to admit that, it was my fault. We went to a shoes store, and I fall in love with a nude heels from the store. I tried the shoes on, and it fits my feet perfectly. I love it so much, I was hoping that my mom would let me buy it but..no. She said that I have that kind of heels already. I replied that I haven't buy any heels for sometime. But she still said no. Then we went out from the store. We then fight while walking to the lobby. It was such an embarassing moment. People were looking at us, but thank god it was not crowded in that mall. I realized that it was really my fault when I was in the car and I rewind back that scene, and I felt sorry that I talked back to my mom. We keep quiet to each other on our way to my mom's office. I want to apologize to her, but my mouth just can't say those words. But in the end, when my mom done meeting with her staffs, I asked her to take a picture of me :P We start to talk to each other, and I apologize to her. It was actually of what she said that makes me apologize to her :P She said 'Don't you have anything to say to me?' I replied 'I do, Im sorry mom..' she then smiled at me. Once again, Im sorry mom..I just can resist the temptation of shoes! I need to earn money by myself. I need to re-open back my online shop :( But Im afraid I could not take care of the shop, as this year is the most important year for me to study for my boards examination. I'll find a solution later on :')

By the way, the title of this post is totally random :P Have you notice that I change my banner and background? Yeap, Im so easy to get bored with my banner so I changed it. And for the background, I just think that my old one (white) is just too plain and simple, so I change it to floral pattern :) I really love floral But I think that floral and my blog's name does not suit really well. My blog is shimmer and shine, but the background is floral? hmm, maybe I would change my blog's name later on :P
Here are the pictures from yesterday. (not in order) :)
the beige bangle was a souvenir from Bali, and the other two I bought from local stores. :)
 I really need a haircut asap before I go back to school!
 old navy floral top // mphosis cardigan // zara basic shorts // burberry bag // rotelli shoes
 My dad is a huge fan of reptiles, especially turtles and tortoises. I have a house that is full of turtles..big big turtles :O Because of his obsessed of reptiles, he even built a small garden (should it be called a garden? :p) at his office. There are iguana, turtles, snakes and many other reptiles. There was even a monkey years ago. He even bought anything that is related to reptiles..even its toys and stuffs. Is that what should be called a reptiles-freak? xD

 a real peacock's feathers :O
 Im so in love with this burberry bag. I love the colour and its unique design! <3
 From the office, me and my mom went to Gandy's Steak for dinner.

 One of my dad's collection. How I love butterflies <3 xx

My giveaway is officially closed! Thanks to those participants who joined my very first giveaway! The one who choose to tweet about my giveaway will be given 2 extra entries on each tweet and for those who choose to make a blog post about my giveaway will be given 2 extra entries too :D If you did both, thats fine, but I will only give you 2 extra entries either for the tweet or the blog post, as it was written optional in the rules :) I will announce the winner tomorrow!! yeay! Stay tune.

Anyway, thank you for the 150+ followers guys. It really made my day! :D Thanks for your kind comments too. Every comments make a smile on my face :) :) I hope you guys have an amazing weekend!



Rachel said...

aww you're so pretty! and such a sweet daughter! it takes a lot of apologize to someone and you were so humble. Once you start making your own money, you'll be able to buy whatever you want :) it's so hard not to spend all of it though ><
happy new year! :)

Ceciliaefendy said...

Yeah sometime we just shy to apologize ehehe :p
Excited to know the winner!

Sakuranko said...

Beautiful pictures sweetie! God Bless you~~

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clestacille said...

can't wait for the winner :D

Gita Regina said...

you make me feel so envy dear, I want to do something special with my daddy too, but unfortunately I can't
anyway you look so fresh ! and those butterfly make me turn into crazy ! i love it so much ! butterflies are pretty <3


Sarah Rizqi said...

Nice shoes. It looks so cute, dear. And i hope i'm a lucky person who win your giveaway hehe :)


Wynne Prasetyo said...

wow is that your house? :o it's exotic!
haha sometimes apology words that i owe to my mom can't come out from me as well. it feels awkward. but when you actually say it, i bet it's an amazing feeling your giving to your mom :)



Wynne Prasetyo said...

oh i almost forgot. hahaha the snoopy fair, is it a computer game? based on your description i think i'm gonna like playing it, but i don't really enjoy playing on the computer. i prefer playstation instead :p haha



Francesca said...

Happy New Year! great blog such inspiration xx


Sherlyn Lavenia said...

fighting with mom is really uncomfortable and make us feel like a bad, bad kid.. thank God mommies are so patient :D

thankyou, I've linked you back :D
anyway my blog's name is Passion Elixir, not Fashion Elixir hehe..

Passion Elixir

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

Ohmy that steak makes me hungry, what a great collection of butterflies your dad had :)


Anonymous said...

I think someone ever used the same title like this post. Great picts.....

Femme Virtue said...

u look so cute! Xx