Back to School

 I'll be back to school next week..I can't believe my 3 months holiday passed already! seems like I enjoy my holiday so much that I didn't realize it has been 3 months :( I'm not satisfied yet, I need more holidays, yes, MORE. I'm not ready to face school, studies, and the teachers *sigh*

Anyway, these pictures of me is not my school uniform alright, although I wish It was! I got this idea of dressing up like a school girl after I read Japanese magazines, and watch gossip girls. Their uniform looks so cool and cute. When my mom sees me in this outfit, she laughed and then told my dad to look at my outfit. My dad was shocked and laughed too, and they both said that I look so cute just like a japanese school girl. haha :p

top: next // skirt: from korea // bag: prada // shoes: adorable project, from ci sabrina's giveaway

“You can’t make people love you, but you can make people fear you. One of the best Blair Waldorf quotes that fits her like a glove in Gossip Girls.
“Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop.” - Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girls

This is the shoes that I won from ci Sabrina's giveaway! this is my first time wearing this shoes, it is so comfy! I never had this kind of shoes before, so I'm  pretty much in love with it :D

my school uniform in real life is like this actually..
this was taken last time during MGS Bazaar, and my class was in charge of 'cupid messenger' stall, in which we sells roses, dolls, chocolates, cards, etc. I miss those times! <3

Anyway, don't forget to join De La Vie Belle's birthday giveaway! You can win a cute lace shorts from Gowigasa and a lovely pink dress/top! click HERE! :)



Julie said...

Aww your outfit is so cute!! I guess since you're dressing like a school girl it means you're ready to head back to school ;) haha

A Possible Fantasy said...

thanks for stopping by, happy to follow you back!

♥ Natalie said...

Cute outfit! *w*
And I love your hair!! So long and healthy, uwaaah :D


Yuki Lusiana Eka said...

too cute! love your outfit so much :))


Viona Cindytia said...

Nice outfit ! It's cute ! XD haha btw I got the studs from pasar pagi mangdu ;D but it's expensive :/ you can buy online too from Love Closet, they're selling studs too, just 10k for 100 pcs ! :) haha I just drove them to my pants, it has sharp nails so you don't need to stick them with glue :D haha Jammy is my boyf's classmate :p the world is too small ! XD

Fashion babel said...

GOSH I love your outfit so so so much!
My holidays have just started, ah.
Love your blog girl!
You are pretty!

Bessana Blue said...

Followed you too sweetie <3 Btw, I have a question: Is it legal to be THAT pretty? :*

Rini Cesillia said...

nice outfit, serasa skolah d jepang atau korea yaa xD
but your school uniform isn't bad too. dulu zaman aku msi sekolah ya cm seragam biasa yg standard itu --"

me. said...

wow you're amazing :)
I ♥ your blog

Danny said...

You look really cute, I love school uniforms. Gossip girl is a great influence to get inspired!

Katharina Z. said...

cute look!


Ileana said...

That is such a cute and adorable outfit.... Love it :)


jiglycious said...

lovely look,
remind me of sailormoon,

following you now
hope we can follow each other


ryhha said...

nice look!
You are very beautiful girl , rly :*

Magdalena said...

Love it ♥ Tottaly cute :)

Candace Wu said...

you are so cute!
reminds me of sailor moon
youre gorgeous doll!
xx [ aphrodite blue ]

Fashion babel said...

Thank you tons for visiting me!
xo, L.

Wynne Prasetyo said...

i gotta agree with your parents, you do look like a japanese school girl, a very cute one! how come you're back to school so early? my brother's classes don't start until mid July.


Valentina said...

lovely look :)


Dilan Dilir said...

you look super cute :)

Sherlyn Lavenia said...

that outfit looks cute on you! well i think every school in Indonesia has "we-need-a-cute-uniform" issue xD

aaah i like yesung too! >w<

Anastasiya Kononova said...

Nice post! Love your blog! Of course, followed!

ps. pity, you dont have a bloglovin account

Baby Rouge said...

you are soooo cute!


Tashiatos said...

AWWW You look so cuteee! <3 I just can't help it, you look like a dolly hehe ( :

p.s thanks for stopping by my blog hehe

Sarah Florence said...

really cute outfit, love it!


Mary Ann said...

I love the little red bow, it's so cute! And the braid, too. ;-) Greetings from Atlanta.

Karina Novia said...

true you're so cute in that outfit! <3 so creative


Julia Chang said...

Woots thank you for visiting mine :) you have such a great blog.

I've followed you back anyway


Fashion Lookbook said...

You look adorable. I love your shoes.

Claireta Teressa said...

you look so pretty ci ivy ☺

Viona Cindytia said...

You're welcome :D haha no I'm freshly graduated from SHS XD my boyf is from Sevilla School, lol :D where do you know her from ? :p

Carla Cee said...

love your uniforms :)

Calita Hin said...

so cute outfit! <3


Delvanni said...

lovely school outfit! it's really cute!!
thanks for following me, I'm following you too now! :)


evelyn. said...

You look so cute ivy! Envy envy envy :(

Keep in touch and stay pretty :)

Tiffany Veronica said...

where are you from?:D you're so nice <3

Brenda evans said...

cute outfit ,ivy! u look pretty as always :))
are u grade 9 going to high school?. about ur Q on my blog, i got the bag from my grandma, she bought it in china and it's really old lol. shoesnya dari tltsn dear


Claudine Claire Chua said...

omg, you look so cute! i wish i can wear something like that to school :)


Indy Andrea Mumu said...

supa cute!!


Ellyzabeth Tanaya said...

woaaah ivy you look so pretty like japanese girl! :D

Shely Chernovitra said...

hello ivy,,
you're so cute and your outfit is cool.
im from indonesia too, salam kenal ivy :)

Rin Handika said...

ow honey really love the bow <3
I really love your blog, you are too cute :) Following you back :D

Kathy Noto said...

hi Ivy, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. You look so cute. Love the school girl preppy look! <3


Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

Cute outfit and uniform! In love with your hair and shoes!


Ricci said...

haha love this look !!

eudoraa said...

what a cute outfitt! :D


elwiana monica said...

cute !


.brigittamonique. said...

thx for the comment sweety :)
lovely outfit <3 you really look like a japanese scholl girl :D

Joyce said...

i can see the inspiration! you look adorable :P


hueys said...

Cute sailorette outfit!

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Do check it out!(:


Fabrizia said...

Mine is @cosa_mi_metto and yours?
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Clara Turbay said...

it´s nice i will be back soon!

Ribka said...
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Mitha Komala said...

i love your skirt and sweater Ivy! you look so adorable and pretty =) xx

Letters To Juliet

Ribka said...

cute outfit!
coba seandainya seragam di sini sebagus ini pasti betah makenya XD

okky dommy said...

so cute!
look like japanese girl :))

Cathleen said...

You look so charming !
I love the skirt and the red bow :-)
Gorgeous outfit

Bonnie said...

I really like this look on you. It's preppy and cool.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Carlyn Girl said...

I love the outfit, it's very cute. I love your relationship with your parents and how you get along so well with them.

Annia said...

I just found you blog!
I love it!
Just followed!

I made a blog a couple of months ago!
I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and follow if you like it!
Thank you!


Kat said...

such a cute school girl look!!! love it! following you back! :)


Eva Silviana said...

High school never dies! I'm missing my high school moment now :(

crunchy cheese me

cherie said...

aww you look so adorable and sweet here!

Parade of Dresses

clara thomas said...

omg such a cute outfit! <3
super love!


Stephani Janet said...

are you serious your 3 months holiday has passed? I remembered I wished you a great holiday and now it almost end. Anyway, All the best for your study, dear!!
thank you for your wish!!

♡ Miharu ♡ said...

love your outfit and you looks so cute :)
great photos ! :D
btw can we follow each other? http://ciachiaa.blogspot.com/
i promise i'll follow you back
thanks before
glad for visit here

Karina Dinda R. said...

Hello sweet! What a nice uniform outfit ^^ Me likey! Happy back to school ya :)

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Karina Dinda R. ♥

Christeen said...

nice uniform :) i'd always wish to wear something like short uniform even after highschool.

Ayu Nuada Damayanthi said...

I love your skirt dek<3
wanna follow each other?


Kristel Louisa said...

You look so adorable!


Vega said...

So pretty! Everything looks really amazing:)

Theadorabletwo said...

This is such a beautiful and cute Outfit :))

Love Storm

rae said...

what a cute schoolgirly outfit and i love the tie. i own a bunch like that myself :)

xx rae

Rhea Bue | the secret life of a fashion & beauty blogger said...

you're so adorable!!!!! :D I love this very cute look!! <3

Visit my blog: http://bebe-doll.net

oomph. said...

I think it's a fun look! The skirt is really cute and I like all the red accents.

Thanks so much for stopping by...returning the follow.

Dressing Up For Me said...

You DO look cute and pretty in this outfit!

Following you too. :)

sara josephine - sartob said...

you look so Japanese indeed ;) love the sailor uniform of yours


Buzz said...

Love it!


ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

linked you back sweety :) thank you ^^

clestacille said...

Wow, amazing photos !
Mind to check my sketch blog back ?


Emily Meyers said...

Hey there! Love your cute blog! I just added myself to your followers for support and wanted to invite you to maybe follow back and check out a huge and fabulous giveaway I'm having right now!!

Hope to see you there! Thanks so much!