Broken White

Hello! I just came back from Bali  :) 
The trip was fun, although I only stayed there for 4 days. I bought many accessories, instead of clothes, because most of the clothes that I like is so expensive and my mom said its not worth-ed *sigh* I also play rafting and para-sailing with my family. I was a bit scared though, because I'm afraid I would fall to the river and sea :/ but overall I like it! I was scared and excited at the same time! The scenery in Bali is so beautiful..especially the sunset, the sea breeze is so nice, and the weather is not as hot as in Jakarta.Would love to go to Bali again during my lebaran holiday!

 dress: anouck  // hat: aldo // bag: kate spade // flats: the little thing she needs // accessories: f21 and from Bali

 I changed my flats into wedges just for a while, but soon changed it again to my tltsn flats again because I'm more comfortable in flats. :)

 As soon as I reached Bali, me and my family decided to go to the famous restaurant in Bali, 'Nasi Pedas.' Just like it's name, the food there is really spicy. Like REALLY spicy. We choose and pick our own food according to our taste, and then the waiter there would tell us the price of the food that we each pick. I think my stomach is more contain water than food at that time, because I drank 3 bottles of aqua water in medium size and there were still leftovers food at my plate. Can't you imagine that? haha. Oh and I also met a friend of mine at the restaurant, her name is Anseilla, it's been a while since I saw her! <3

Here are some photos of Pullman hotel that I stayed. 
 The bathroom is transparent, I hate that, but thank god there are curtains that could close the glass :P

 yeap, thats my dad! haha

As you can see, the hotel is beautiful! So many trees, and I could feel that the air is so fresh to breath in! So many places for photo shoot! Gotta love Pullman hotel ;)

Anyway, that's all for today's post, and here is the sneak-peak for next post!



Karina Novia said...

you looked so beautiful, ivy! :D you seems having a great trip there..can't wait for your next post..really beautifully scenery


eudoraa said...

great trip i think ;)


Bellamoreway said...

i went to bali too for my school trip last january, bali always has amazing scenery! love your dress <3
actually im planning to visit south korea this holiday :)

Keyta Hawkins said...

Wow, it looks amazing! Lucky you!

- Keyta x

Rini Cesillia said...

you look so pretty in white dear ^^

Femme Virtue said...

u look so pretty! Xx

Sarah Rizqi said...

Whoah, it seems that you've a wonderful trip in Bali! Love your white dress. That looks so cute on you. Ah love the last photos of you <3


Victoria B said...

lovely blog!!

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kelimutu said...

wonderful scenery! sure, it was a really exciting holiday, rite?
ohya, reply my email dear.. I'll look forward it. ;)


Anonymous said...

wow, great trip and great outfit in Bali <3

sweet and sugars,

Agnes Koriston said...

I'm sure that you having fun when you was there! and you look so beautiful with the white dress, i love the lace on that dress! and i can't wait for your next post! in love with the beach <3


magnes said...

your white dress is amaing! I love the bracelets. I've just started following your blog, maybe you would like to visit&follow mine in some free time? http://mood-book.blogspot.com

eve said...

omg ... stunning *_*
I would like to go there someday..."sighx10000"
You look so cute and I love both your dresses <3

hugs from Poland ;)

lucia m said...

perfect dress!



Sindy said...

beautiful pictures! and great blog :D


Brenda evans said...

i love the last pic! n u look pretty :)

check out my new post

evelyn. said...

Lovely dress! You look so beautiful :)
I'm following you, so glad if you do the same :D
Waiting for your next post!

Stay Pretty,

Viona Cindytia said...

So feminine :D I like the dress ;D heehee

Cielo said...

Love the last picture :))


Nee said...

wow Bali! must be wonderful to be there:) the last photos of you at the beach is so beautiful:) lots of love xx

Aleksandra said...

you're adorable! love your dress <3

Yuki Lusiana Eka said...

you look so pretty, like an angel :))


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Beautiful shots! You're so pretty ivy =) Love the white dress! You must have had a great time! x


Veronyca Sufry said...

bali !! it's a very nice place and you look so beatiful in white dress , match with sense of bali !
btw sorry for the late reply !!
i'm from medan but currently study in malaysia , do i look like korean? hahahah thank you dear !
you look very pretty ;)
nice to know you too dear ! i love reading your blog, the last post about summer wipe out it also a very very nice post love it !!
stay rocks ;)


♥ Natalie said...

Love your blog :D I'm a new reader, because I love your outfits (:

Nice pictures! The hotel looks so pretty <3

Maurine magdalena said...

cute! :D
love your shoot..


Fabrizia said...

Great post: I like these pictures so much!!
What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???
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stephanie gracia said...

love your dress! and bali is a perfect place for a getaway! the hotel you stayed was amazing!

unitatan said...

you look so pretty on your white dress, dear
oh, and the hotel, it's such a cozy place to stay.. would considering to go there as well :)

.Le Reveur.

Ice Pandora said...

Wow, you look truely
stunning! Adorable
hair and lovely look!

Bali is on my to-go
list, I will visit
this island someday!

The hotel/apartment
looks amazing as


mutianugrabita said...

That must be a nice trip!
visit mine http://aratsalatsa.blogspot.com

kerker said...

your holiday looks lovely!!!

xo kerker
The Ugly Moments

Tashiatos said...

Oh my gash. Love your dress! It's so cuuute!!!!!