Galaxy & Nebula

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago at school and during my friend's birthday. 
Edited by me :)

My current addiction: NEBULA!

Craving for all of nebula & galaxy stuffs!! 

(credit: google)


Bellamoreway said...

love your editing! the galaxy effect really suits your pics <3


Wowwwww,, all the pics are Gorgeous!! <3

Would you give us the tutorial about editing the pics ? I'm so much interested <33

btw, i followed your blog. Mind to follow back? ^^


Estilo Hedónico said...

Beautiful post!!!!



Anonymous said...

amazing photo!! so cool rite

Yuki Lusiana Eka said...

the photos are so cooool!<3
followed you now :)

Claireta Teressa said...

me too!
i'm craving for galaxy but it's too expensive!
i love the photos when you flipped back your hair!

Claireta Teressa said...

me too!
i'm craving for galaxy but it's too expensive!
i love the photos when you flipped back your hair!

Akiko said...

Beautiful photos..!!! Great editing and love the galaxy vibe so much :) xo akiko
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clara thomas said...

super love that photos when you flipped back your hair <3<3
well, i'm craving for galaxy too ! :D


Bella Francisca said...

duh! really drooling over galaxy print! x) anw, did you highlighted your hair? I loveee it! really want to try :p
thankyou for your sweet comment on my blog. I bought that bowler hat from an online shop called Grinitty Shop, you can find it on facebook :)


fhenny said...

lovee your photos!
imma big fan of galaxy stuffs!
and as for the breakup, i believe time will heal and i hope you can find someone that is suitable and care for you with all his heart <3

style frontier

Karina Novia said...

oh great photos! cool editing <3
galaxy prints are really trending now
btw, i've followed you
feel free to visit mine hehe


chikinritoruuu said...

great editing
i love galaxy print too:D
btw thank for visiting my blog :D

kelimutu said...

it's been quite long time since the last time I've been here. You're growing fast and prettier dear..

love the photos. it's amazing with those tone color. galaxy is on the trend huh? anwy, cool post!

ohya, about the project, I'll send the detail through email soon. what's your email btw?


Jessica Paramartha said...

i'm craving to galaxy stuff too! cool pictures :)

cheers, Jessica

JAL. said...

woaaahhh!!! GREAT PICTURES and EDITING !!! LOVE <3 <3 <3

eudora said...

whattt a greattt picturee! really

btw, may i know what application that you use to edit the picture?

thx for following me first, done follow you back


ailovesamore said...

ahmazing shoots !! :D loove them :)

Veronyca Sufry said...

hey dear !
thanks for following my blog and visit ! and i followed back ald :)

nice blog :)
love how you edit the pic with the galaxy things !
i am also craving for galaxy stuff !!!
btw i guess we're friends on fb :3
you are from indonesia rite?


Lijn said...

WAAAAAAAAAUW, I love these photo's! Those hair-splashing pictures are amazing! And I love those galaxy clothes!

Karina Dinda R. said...

I loveee galaxy prints and stuff ^^ Great post dear, gorgeous photos! :)

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Karina Dinda R. ♥

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

cool photos! <3

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Pop Champagne said...

I love the nebula print right now as well!! and those pool photos are awesomeee :D

Anisacrament said...

Pretty! and nice editing you got there
perhaps we could follow each other :D


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Benlovesting said...

I love these!

Blush said...

love the photos of you guys in the pool, it looks so awesome! great blog :) am now following xx.

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

this is amazing:)

visit and follow my blog if you love to:) i'll follow you back dear

sepatuholic said...

I love the work on the photos and how it related to the collection, great job! Good post!!!

inezdiva said...

hihihi love it :D


Viona Cindytia said...

Hey thanks for ur comment and following dear :D I'm following u back ;) btw nice photo edits ! :D

Agnes Koriston said...

omg i really love your editing! <3
mind to follow each other? me? done following you! <3


Shanna Budihardjo said...

hai! those pic are amazing!
i'm followed ur blog, mind to follow back? :)


Prisilia Felicia said...

Great pics! hehe and I love your hair! I followed you Ivy, mind to follow back? :))

evelyn. said...

Great pics! Love it <3

Stay Pretty,