Graduation Day

I'm back guys! Sorry for my super LONG hiatus. I've been busy with many things at my school. I'm in the middle of my 3 months holiday right now. How cool is that? :P A few weeks ago was my Graduation Day. I just finished grade 10! :D Though, that day didn't end up really well..as..I cried that day, because of my parents. The ceremony was scheduled at 6.30pm, and they reached my school at around 7.00pm and it was almost my turn to went to the stage to get my boards report card. But...I didn't see my parents at all. I wanted to call them, but my phone was in class. But then, suddenly someone called my name from the back, and it was my sister. She told me that there are some problem downstairs that makes my dad really angry that makes my mom and dad want to go home. I don't know what to say, so I didn't actually give her a reply. Then she went out. There were a candle light with parents ceremony..and the mother should actually blow up the candle. I still couldn't believe that my family wasn't there with me, on my graduation day. I never expect this to happen. Then, I started to think whether my sister just lie to me, I just know that my parents wouldn't do such a thing to me. They knew how much I want them to come. But I guess I'm wrong. I was holding a candle in my hand and search for them. Everyone near me were happily holding the candle and take pictures with their family. I can't describe my feelings at that time. I tried really hard not to cry. But..as I was about to went out to the toilet, the teachers came in front of me and asked where is my family and why my face looked so sad. I couldn't help it, all the feeling that I endured suddenly came out..yes, I cried in front of them, and many parents saw me too. It was so embarrassing. I told them everything and they try to comfort me. They said that maybe my parents has some urgent business that they need to attend, and said that they would be my parents for the day. I was so touched :') they told me to smile, as it was my graduation day, and so I did. But..I still wish my parents would come to take pictures with me and blow the candle with me. So, I borrowed one of my friend's phone, and I called them, I kinda shout at them and yell at them why they went home so fast without seeing me on stage and took pictures with me. They really shocked that I cried, then they went back to school. I was so happy that I cried again. I'm such a cry baby :'( but really, I'm glad that I phoned them at that time. When I waited them at the lobby, as soon as my mom appeared, she immediately hugged me and told me that she's sorry and said that she don't really know why she left, like she's been possessed by something to left school. There were actually some reasons that caused my parents left the school and went to Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) and not home. They actually went to a restaurant that I have booked the day before as the manager of the restaurant told my mom that if I dont reached the place in half an hour, some other people would take up the reservation. My mom knew that after the graduation ceremony is done, me and my classmates would went there for dinner. So, thats why they left. But still, I wish they went to my school at the exact time 6.30pm and saw me on stage but what can I do, it passed already, and I'm just glad they went back and we manage to take many pictures together :') After all the sadness going on, my friends cheered me up. We have the most unforgettable day of our life!! We took hundreds of pictures together and chit-chatting of course at Pan & Barrel restaurant :D there were around 40 of us at the restaurant. It was crazy and memorable. Will never forget that moment. And, my family was there too, separate table of course :P The food was good. Many of my friends, especially the boys, drank alcohols. They really happy that they passed the boards examination and graduate!! haha. I don't drink of course :P Anyway, I'm happy that I graduate with all subjects passed, but I don't really satisfied with my results. But oh well, at least I passed all the subjects :) I don't really know whether I should call it a good day or bad day, but I think its a good day with a little bit bad luck :P Sorry if I write too much, this blog is kinda a diary to me :)) urgg, i miss blogging so much xD

my family <3

 I wore a red dress from Fiorucci and heels from Bruno :D I bought it last year and I haven't wear it at all :D I love it so much! The red is more bold and brighter in real :)

playing around hahahaha.

There are more photos of course :P last week I went to Singapore with my friend, Stella, and her mom. It was my second time went to other country without my mom and dad. How was the trip? FUN! What I like the most is when I went shopping at forever21 and went to Universal Studio. F21 store in Singapore is so big, not like in Indonesia. Will post about my trip to singapore soon ;)



Claireta Teressa said...

aaa ci congrats for the graduation!
proud of you :')

Rebecca Clairine said...

congratulation for the graduation !!
u look beautiful :)


Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

Congratulation dear for your graduation !! Lovely dress btw :)


Stephani Janet said...

congrats for the graduation!!
In the end of the day, this will be the most memorable graduation for you! :) Happy holiday!
once again congrats for the graduation!

Stephani Janet said...

congrats for the graduation!!
In the end of the day, this will be the most memorable graduation for you! :) Happy holiday!
once again congrats for the graduation!

Diraz said...

congrats for your graduation!! you look pretty in those red dress. do you want to follow each other? i just following you, hope you want to follow me back :D

kisses, chimpanzeeinpink.blogspot.com


Congrats dear! I adore ur dress! :))

By the way, please join my first ever Blog Giveway! :))


Mei めい said...

thanks for following my blog :D
Congrats on your graduation :))
You're beautiful in that red dress ^^


Jessille said...

congrats<3 u look great anyway
btw mind tofllw each other?

Shinly Fransisca said...

thanks for your comment .
umm .. i think you have wonderful parents. they wanted to save you and your friends :)
i bet it must be a very unforgettable moment to remember.
yeah, pan and barrel is one of a good cafe at PIK. i like it too.