Last Halloween

It has been such a long time since my last post. My half-yearly exams are finally over! I dont have to
study till midnight and sleep late anymore! yippie! But I wish I would get good marks on my exams *crossed finger* My holiday is about a month. My school re-opens at 12 January *sigh* Why wont school give us a 3-6months holiday? lol! On this holiday, I'll try to update my blog continueously, as I have so many pending pictures that I want to post on my blog ;)

I'll be having a vacation to Hongkong again this December. It seems that my family really loves going to Hongkong :D Anyway, here are some pictures taken from last october, HALLOWEEN PARTY with my friends! 
I dont have the time to post it last month :(

top: mphosis
skirt: sister's
shoes: mphosis

 me with febby
i love the shadow!
And here are some pictures that I edited during the halloween party!! I simply enjoy editing the pictures!
  my top spooky pictures that I like B)
Actually, we wanted to dressed up with halloween costumes, but due to the hot weather in Jakarta, we changed our mind..At first, we're having the dinner outside the house, when we're about to eat, suddenly it rained, and lightning started to scared us. IT-WAS-HORRIBLE-SPOOKY-DISASTER. We're running like crazy people. We immediately took our plates,food, drinks inside.The hilarious part is that, my friend have a puppies outside the house, when it rains, she was running with sweat carrying the dog's cage to the house. The dog barks and started to poop inside the house!!! The lightning was so loud and it rains heavily. Its just look like a real Halloween!

After we ate dinner in the house, we started to play cards and the one who lose would have either an eyeliner or a lipstick at their face!! It was funn! The boys even was put make up and lipstick and also nail-polish!! We laughed and played together <3 we even played hide and seek. And one of my friend scared me, I thought there was a ghost -__- Apparently, I was the one who have to count till 30 and search for them, as I was searching for them, suddenly a girl with long hair run towards me, and of course I ran and screamed :p

And here the worst part, 3 of my friend around 9pm went home. Its only 6 of us left at the house, 5 girls and 1 boy. The girls were, me,febby,yenny,stella and the owner of the house, Audi. the one guy was Dustin. then the girls went to a room and locked the door. We were dancing and fooling around until then I told my friend that I think I left my phone outside in the living room, then I try to unlock the door, but I failed. Then my other friend tried and couldnt open the door too. Then we realize we were LOCKED INSIDE A ROOM AT NIGHT. My friend's mother have slept. The one guy (dustin) was about to go home, then me and my friends shout for help, and we were lucky that he could hear us and help us though his mother was waiting outside the house. He also try to open the door with other key, but failed. 15 minutes later, we told him to wake up my friend;s mom. It was useless,she also could not open the door. About half an hour we were locked in a room. There was nothing that could help us to find a way out except a window. And we finally could escape from the room!!! My leg have bruise after than insident..Its kinda hard to explain the situation in words, so maybe I could show you by drawing..
(sorry for the bad quality picture and drawing, i draw this with full-speed!)

I was the last one to get out :(

audi's mom and dustin

can you imagine??? :S it was hard to get out through the window..perhaps it would be easy for tall and skinny people..
It was an experience for all of us that we will never forget!
We had shabu-shabu that time. It was delicious, but most of us dont eat much,so there was still many left-over. what a waste :(
pictures taken at my friend's house, Audi. ;)
For more pictures, you could see it at my facebook.

Have a beautiful december everyone! 22 more days till Christmas!


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Looks like it was a fun night! I'll also be going to Hongkong this month! x


Julie said...

Omgsh your Halloween night sounded like a true Halloween night! I'm glad you escaped the room but it must've been such an experience haha :)

jiglycious said...

look like you had a great time

thanks for your sweet comment

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unitatan said...

very lovely.. and pretty, of course :)

.Le Reveur.

Jane J said...

pretty :):):)