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Yesterday was mothers day, and so, me with my sister and brother decided to buy a bouquet of flowers
to our mom. This should be a surprise thing. So, we decided to give the flower at night. Around 9pm, me with my brother gave the bouquet to our mom (my sister is having sleepover with her friends so she couldnt join us) and guess what, it was a success! She was surprise, and she likes it a lot! yeay! My mom has been in a very bad mood lately, I hope this flowers could make her mood change.. :) :) Last year, I gave her a booklet of photos and words written in papers and a rose. But this year, I have her a bouquet of flowers of lily and roses. Glad that she likes it :) My mom is like the best mom to me. She understand me a lot. I told her almost everything, even my love-life, school, friends, and many more. When I had a problem, I would immediately tell her, and ask for suggestion/solution. But of course she often yelled at me for things that I did wrong. But I guess that is every mom's job to do that. Thank you for everything that you've done to me, mom. From the bottom of my heart, I love you mom :)
My mom was about to shed a tear as soon as she read the letter :')
she then hugged us :)
 so pretty!

and here are some of my outfit post : )

 I really love all of kate spade's bags! They are so cute and most of the bag are colourful. And this is one of my favourite bag from kate spade <3

marks and spencer inner // zara crop tee // levis jeans // kate spade bag // nine west pumps // warehouse belt
"Time is precious. Spend it with your love ones, cherish every momment with them, and be happy. As we could not go back in time.."
I watched mission impossible 4 last week. It turns out to be one of my favourite movie! Tom cruise was so handsome in the movie! I recommend you guys to watch mission impossible 4! :D I just watch spy kids today. It was so funny! The talking dog and the spy baby are so cute :3 Happy feet 2, arthur christmas and chipmunks shipwrecked left to watch! :D

another painting by my dad!
sneak peek for my 1st giveaway :)



Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Aww that's just so sweet! Love your father's painting <3 x


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i love your shoes anyway...

Stevia said...

Ivy, I love your bag!
and I can't wait for your giveaway


PS. I forgot the name of the brand of my contact lenses! LOL. I usually just go to the optic and ask for the cheapest brand in brown/hazel color since I don't wear lenses too much. LOL

sajuki said...

great look :D

stella lee said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! Bet your mother was very happy receiving it!
And your style look so mature now! :D love it!

Anastasia Melissa said...

I gave my mother a bouquet of flowers too, lol.
following you..
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psst, your facepaper is same like mine. lol

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woow i love bouquet,and happy motherday for your mom :)) can wait to see your giveway. btw i have first giveway too. if you had a time check my blog :) good luck :D

my first giveway


CutestPrincess said...

you're such a sweetheart! happy mother's day to your mom, we celebrated our mothers day every May!

Anyway, I followed your blog, hope you can follow back, too!


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Sidney Salim said...

Beautiful flowers! Your mom is definitely so happy when receiving it. And your bag is so adorable. You have an awesome blog. I'm following you, dear. I'd be flattered if you could follow me back :)

PS. I'm wearing Geo Angel lens in Gray.

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TheUrbanUmbrella said...

Happy Mothers day to your mum! Those flowers are really beautiful!

The Urban Umbrella

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hey pretty lady! love dis post! thx for commenting . i follow u! follow me back? :)


michellehendra said...

u surely have amazing artist dad!


Kek Kek Angela said...

you're so pretty. love the outfits<3


Jane Reggievia said...

aww you're such a sweet young lady, thanks for visiting mine and you have a pretty blog too <3
I love the kate spade's bag! lovely one!
happy Christmas Eve anyway! (:


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i love the bag :D

have a merry christmas!

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omg it's just so sweeeeeeeeeet



Clara Dian said...

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aww that's a sweet mother's day.and ur dad's painting is really nice!!


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nice heels! Btw, what camera is that? :)