Barbie house

Im back! I miss you guys! My trip to hongkong was great, except for the fact that I fight a lot with my sister and my dad *sigh*
I could not stand the cold weather. I was freezing as I walk down the streets. I even wore 3 clothes and a jacket to keep my body warm, which makes me a little bit fat in some of my photos :P cant you imagine it is 16 degree in hongkong? Its like the opposite thing from Indonesia. D:

 I bought so many things in hk especially make up<3 Most of the stuff there are so much cheaper than in Indonesia so, I had to bought lot of things so that, there will be no regrets afterward :P But this time, my dad is the one that bought too many stuff. You dont even want to know whats he;s buying..trust me. well..he bought so many disney dolls and stuff, beers, painting tools and bag, and so much more.. And all of it were so heavy! Last time, my sister, brother and I were the one that have to carry the dolls with our own hand..in the airport. We were so embarassed that time. Let me tell you that the dolls ain't small. Its kinda big. Last time, it was HUGE. :')

My family and I always woke up at around 10-11am, went out to eat and shopping and then went back to the hotel at 9-10pm. I had trouble finding wi-fi in the hotel. Its so hard to find restrooms in hongkong. Most of them were dirty, except in the malls. We used MRT a lot. There were so many funny moments when I was in hongkong :) :)

During my trip in hongkong, I went to a mall that have a barbie house inside it! I forgot the name of the mall, but its pretty big though. As I entered the barbie house, Im amazed. The house is so adorable!

 look at those barbies..I wonder what it would look like during the night..it must be scary :/

 barbie and ken pictures :) :)

 pink is everywhere!

 look at my chubby cheek D:

 family : )
 me with my sis
 how cute! a boy was looking at barbie's closet<3

 this one is my favourite barbie among all ;)

 Anyway, barbies are now very fashionable. just look at those dresses<3
I used to love barbies, but as I grow up, I dont love it anymore. Come to think of it, where is all my barbies gone to :( I have so many barbies when I was a kid, I remember that my dad will always buy me barbie whenever I got good marks in school. I miss those moments :(

I miss hongkong so much. I dont have anything to do during my holidays. My friends are all busy..
I think Im gonna spend this holiday making my IT project and blogging :D

I fall asleep as I was blogging this post last night ;__;
Will be posting about my haul and other pictures in hk on my next post. :)



ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

love all the pics ♥

Florence said...

wow soo nice! awesome pics!


Anonymous said...

those barbies are lovely. LOL !!!!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Wow those are lovely! Looks like you had fun :) x


Lia Waroka Putri said...

Barbie has always been my fave when I was a kid! May you have great holiday, pretty <3 x

Gita Regina said...

whoaaa, that was soo awesome meii,,
pretty xD
and your lil bro is very cute :3

anyway, i've followed your blog