The one that got away

I came to school today due to distribution of paper. Well, I got quite good marks. I got the highest in IT and accounting, yeay! But I got bad mark in language..my brother kept saying that I got good marks because I cheated during examination and when the paper is distributed, he said that I complained to the teacher and begged for extra marks. Like seriously?? My exam was inside the auditorium, and there were 5 or 6 teachers watching our every movements, how on earth I could possibly cheat :/

I realized that my mark is going down lately..even my teacher said so. Im in grade 10 now, which mean that I have to face prelims, boards examination and IGCSE really soon!! So scared. I promise that I will study harder. My parent sort of didnt care about my mark, so I dont know whether its a good thing or bad thing to me. I do feel happy on how my mom reacted when I tell her my marks..she said she is proud, but she also told me I dont have to study too hard..perhaps I should enjoy high school more huh :p My report card will be distribute on this friday, but too bad I went to hongkong on that day *sigh* My friends told me that I have a chance to be in top 5 rank in my class..I hope its true! God bless me o:)

top: topshop
bottom: levis
wedges: bruno premi
bag: stradivarius

me and my mom looked fat here :p

my precious naked palette!! birthday gift from mom last august :) this is my first make-up palette and i love it so much. <3

(left to right) virgin,sin,naked,sidecar,buck,half baked,smog,darkhorse,toasted,hustle,creep,gunmetal
I often use half baked and smog. Sin and toasted looks almost the same :D

20 more days till xmas and 4 more days away from hongkong!


Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

I love your fringe bag! woo

Fanny said...

lovely outfit^^

Loveforfood said...

you look great with the top. nice hairdo.

Rindodo ♥ said...

whaa you look simple yet fab with that outfit on^^
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Rosalinda Tjioe said...

You look gorgeous! Happy for you! IGCSE might be tough but those were the times I treasured the most with my friends :') Studying together in coffee shops and all.
Btw I heard that Naked 2 Palette is coming out soon! :) x


Diana Ang said...

love your top

laura said...

Congratulations on the good marks! And I love that floral top!

♥ laura
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